The Hustle + Flow Battle

Battle between hustle + flow




Once upon a time there was a huge battle between Hustlers and Feminine/spiritual peeps. Both sides thought they were right, and you were only allowed to pick ONE side.


I struggled for years with this because I love BOTH sides, and had no clear idea about how to integrate the two together. It was all or nothing in my mind, so I kept dancing between both worlds.

Until it dawned on me that I was following what I was seeing, rather than marching to the beat of my own drum.

Who said I can’t be a hustler, feminine AND spiritual? Yeah that’s right, I mean being woo-woo and a badass.
The only person who controls what you create is YOU, whether it’s conscious or so innate that we don’t even realize. Where else are you giving up your personal power to conform and fit in? I remember being in that position and it fricken sucks big time. It’s always a journey and I’m still evolving and sharing my message as I go along, but the difference is I’m doing it from a place of feeling empowered like I can create anything I want just because I declared it to be MY truth.

I mistakenly thought feminine meant softly spoken and I guess almost submissive. If truth be told I also felt being spiritual meant that ‘negative’ emotions like anger, sadness or fear meant that I wasn’t evolved. The difference between now and then, is that I not only OWN my feelings (rather than stuff them away), but I’ve learned how to channel them to create a positive outcome.

What’s super important for me is to ensure I’m honouring all aspects of my life, in order to hustle in flow.


Filling my spiritual cup daily:

  • Journaling
  • Meditation
  • Moon Mapping
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Crystals
  • Essential Oils
Fuelling my creativity daily by:


  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Connecting with awesome peeps
  • Quiet moments
  • Journaling
  • Drawing (just doodles with colourful stationary)

Building my hustle (physical/mental) stamina:

  • Sleeping/waking early
  • Eating foods that nourish my body (avoiding gluten, dairy, sugar)
  • Getting out of my own way
  • Stop looking at what others are doing and my OWN thing
I want it all and I’m claiming it now.


Hustling in flow is about honouring your internal life cycles, as well as following ancient wisdom principles which give you the fuel you need to hustle like a Mofo. It’s about taking action even when you don’t feel like it because you’re devoted to your intention. It’s definitely NOT about sitting back and waiting for things to happen when they’re meant to happen!

It’s time to light up the world by leading your peeps, while being a kick-ass powerhouse feminine warrior.



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This is what Melinda had to say about The Lunar Business Success System:

“I’ve found Monique’s Lunar Success System to be an easy yet powerful system that keeps me on track with my business goals. Monique talks about hustle and flow which makes a lot of sense to me in this fast-paced digital world where everyone seems to be talking constantly about taking action.


What I love most about Monique’s system is that it allows to you tap in to the natural energy of the moon to really leverage those peak hustle times and get things done but also to allow yourself the space to reflect, receive and celebrate what you’ve achieved in the month.


It’s a lot of fun creating different rituals at various stages of the lunar cycle and I’ve really enjoyed applying this system in my business and in my life.”


Melinda Dunlop – Social Media + Content Manager

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