Mercury Retrograde For Business. How To Amplify The Advantages + Eliminate The Negative Impact.


Do you wonder how Mercury Retrograde affects your business, and why there’s so much fear and hype around it?
Mercury is the planet of communication, and is known as the messenger.
It also rules transport, computers and travel.

What Is It Exactly?

Basically Mercury moves off it’s normal course 3-4 times a year. It appears to be going backwards and takes 3-3.5 weeks to get back on track.

Why Should You Be Aware?

This doesn’t have to be a scary time, it’s about being aware, thorough and cautious before proceeding into something new.

The upside to this is that we sometimes run on  auto-pilot, and this time allows us to step back into our bodies and see things through fresh eyes.

One important thing I’d like to highlight.

Be sure to back up both your computer and website.  Both can be backed up directly to Google or Dropbox via plugin or to an external drive.

What Works Really Well.

Check in With Old Clients

Rather than trying to source new clients, check in with old clients, and leads you haven’t contacted for some time. Use this time to use notice the untapped resources around you instead of seeking new.

Revisit The Old

If you’re anything like me you’ve probably got hundreds of ideas that you’ve either written, or somewhat started and not had a chance to finish. Go through these again and see if anything springs out at you.


It’s time to take stock of finances, clients, marketing methods, time + energy management. Time to slow down, with less pushiness. This does NOT mean do nothing, it’s more about intentional action.

Time to get clear on what needs to be taken care of, use this time to finish the incomplete.

Business Nesting

Think of it like spiritual de-cluttering for your business. What thoughts, ideas, clients and things in your physical space need to be cleared?

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What Doesn’t Work So Well.

Long Term or Big Decisions

Don’t make any decisions that lock you in. When signing any documents, double and triple check the fine print first.

Jumping To Conclusions

Stop and breathe before making any decisions. Miscommunication so easily happens during Mercury Retrograde.


Communication awareness is key here. Now is not the time to release pent up emotions as it may not be received in the way that you intend it.

Also, take time think about how you’re generally communicating with your clients, tribe, suppliers and as well as colleagues.

In summary:

  • Take the time for plenty introspection.
  • Patience is required .
  • Don’t read too much into what people say and write.
  • Ask questions, before making firm decisions, and creating opinions.
  • Finish things you’ve already started.
  • Reflect on the way you communicate, and receive information.
  • Slow down.

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