The Truth About Breaking-Down To Break-Through


One thing I know for sure is that a breakdown ALWAYS proceeds a breakthrough.

I’ve experienced this on many occasions, and what I find most frustrating is regaining the momentum I had worked so hard to build.

The last couple of months have been trying for so many peeps including myself.

On the surface, I’ve smashed through lifelong conditioning. I came out of it feeling like I’d done the work, paid my dues and it was MY time to shine.

What became so blatantly clear though, is that deep down I didn’t feel I deserved to have this success. I wish I could tell you that it was a clear-cut decisive moment where the abundance floodgates opened, but I’d be lying.

The reality is it’s not quite that simple.

There was the range of emotions I had to work through.

Anger – why the fuckk did I do this to myself?
Sadness – all those seemingly wasted years of pain
Fear – can I make up for those years?
Hurt – feeling the pain of not playing full out.
Guilt – I could have given my Daughter more time, fun etc if I only I had the internal resources.

Feelings aren’t always logical, but they sure can FEEL logical.

Think about a time when you said something in the heat of an emotional moment where you felt completely justified, only to calm down and realise you were way out of line.

Any kind of emotional meltdown, has set backs and repercussions. Some may take longer than others, but what’s important is that you start to get back to your kinda normal routine.

Going through this experience can leave you feeling dazed, confused and unsure about what next step to take.

Here’s 3 tips to pick up the pieces, regroup and get back into action taking mode.

Go Back To Basics

Write down the top 3 things you need to focus on each day to get yourself back on track. My go-to simple basics are wake early/sleep early, exercise, lemon water. Don’t over complicate things.

Understand + Share The Lessons

Share with your peeps to connect AND relate. Allowing them into your world cultivates a deeper relationship from near and afar. Your experiences and life lessons should always be the basis of your teachings.

Track The Cosmos

Understand what’s going on in the universe. What phase of the moon are we in? Is Mercury retrograding? What lunar month are we in?

It’s important to write this all down, because you may find that it’s all in alignment with cosmic traffic which affects us all on a level we can’t even begin to fathom.

But be warned: This is NOT an excuse for inaction, it’s about working WITH the energy of the universe which brings to light what’s working/not working.

Don’t settle for less than you deserve gorgeous – it’s time to stop making excuses about why you’re not where you’d like to be.

If you’re struggling to finish what you started, or aren’t really sure why you just can’t seem to get your shit together, then I’d love to invite you to work with me.

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Lunar Hustle + Flow Mentoring is all about getting more done with less push. Tapping into your feminine and masculine energies, while aligning with the lunar cycle. It’s time to stop playing by someone else’s rules. Be the Feminine Badass, you’ve been fearfully hiding away. It’s time to step up and SHOW up to share your message, and get more of the great stuff in your life.

We’ll look at your big picture plan, and then break it down into steps in a workable time line.

It’s about less push, more hustle + flow.

NB: This is ONLY for you if you’re ready + willing to do the work. We’re going to dig in and MOVE forward to create the lifestyle you crave.

We’ll get together for a weekly jam session, which will most likely include butt-kicking, nurturing, cheerleading, accountability, strategy and lunar loving.

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If this resonates for you, let’s chat. Just email, and we’ll tee up a time to see if we’re a good fit.

P.S It’s time for less push and more business building fun. If you’re ready to stop being mediocre, and know that you’re destined for more (even if you don’t know how you’re going to get it)
I’m offering 1:1 Hustle + Flow Mentoring personally with me. Email, to find out if this is for you.

P.P.S Special bonus: Sign up now for exclusive access to weekly live 2 hour hustle sessions with me, every Tuesday in September.

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