How To Get Your Hustle Groove Back After A Break

Hustle Groove

I always love this time of the year, not because I can’t wait to step away from my business but because my little girl is home on school holidays.

It’s also a time for reflecting on the year that was and planning for the year that’s coming.

Having time off can surprisingly play around with your daily flow because creativity needs consistency in order to evolve and grow to new levels.

Just like you start off with baby steps and progress to maturity, so too does the quality of your creative output.

I’ve been mulling over this very blog all day, and what would normally take me an hour or so to write has just dragged on. Being on client calls today has charged me up, and I’m ready to tackle this now.

I chose to have less time off this year, while focusing on the planning side because this year is about focused action-taking, rather than last minute decisions. As I’ve mentioned before, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants FEELS great but it’s not conducive to a sustainable business that keeps you excited in the long run.

I’ve been watching a bunch of inspiring videos ranging from spiritual to organising tutorials, which have helped get me out of my own head space and back into the blissful space of creating, leading and being a Zen Hustling Boss Lady.

Whilst I normally love to read, I found that videos/audios allow me to be able to relax and absorb more of what is being said, especially when my brain is still in holiday mode lol

Here are 5 things I’ve done/am doing to get my hustle groove back awnn.

Ignore The Multi-Tasking Urge To ‘Catch-up’

Been there. Done it REALLY well, and bought the postcard, t-shirt, mug & mouse pad to prove it 🙂

Coming back from a break can be really overwhelming. Between holiday-brain and picking up the tasks put off until ‘after I get back’ – it can feel like D-Day. Trying to do 5 things at once, isn’t going to solve the problem, because the brain goes into overload and, which basically means you’ll be worse off than when you started.

Create a schedule of what you’re going to do daily, and do ONE thing at a time. Having a plan of action takes away the overwhelm, while allowing you to literally tick things off your list which ALWAYS creates a sense of accomplishment.

Re-Introduce Routine

Whenever I have time off I find it hard to remember the simplest of things. Think about what you did on a daily basis before your break. Maybe you woke up at a set time everyday, or worked out first thing in the morning or booked in clients for a certain day. Whatever you did regularly pre-break in your business, at home or socially – find that zone again and it’ll help ease you back in the flow.

Gradually Wake Up Earlier

The best part about holidays is sleeping and waking whenever you feel like it. Sure you CAN still do that when you’re working, but your body needs to be nurtured & fuelled to deliver the output required to blend biz + life. Start gradually waking up earlier by setting your alarm clock back in 15 minute increments every other day. You may even like to do this weekly with 30 minute increments. Slow and steady wins the race here, so it’s not about waking up at your regular time as soon as your break is over.


Another great reason for taking a break and feeling refreshed, is to get rid of anything that’s not serving you or makes you feel uncomfortable. The main part of our house is the living/dining room and there is an extra desk with a computer for my little girl which suddenly became a dumping ground. Just looking at it everyday made me feel overwhelmed and clouded. I also have a big winter rug which I FINALLY rolled up and packed away. Just this alone has allowed me to mentally feel spacious and abundant, ready to kick-it! Be sure to also clear your desk to create a workspace which allows your creative hustle to flow.

Create A Groovy Music List

Music is super important to me, and always a starting point for anything going on in my life. From heart-break to elation, to writing, there’s always a soundtrack to suit the theme of the moment. I create music lists for working out, meditation, shower music, everyday music and the list goes on. Create a playlist in Youtube or iTunes and give it a name which can be as simple as Workout, Pump, Inspiring, Writing etc. At the end of the day you need to call it something that has meaning to you, with songs that get you in the zone. My list varies from Rock Steady Crew’s Uprock (a classic favourite hahaha) to All I Do Is Win by DJ Khaled. Find what suits you and get into the groove girlfriend.

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