Tired Of The Mediocre Grind? It's Time For A Soul-Fire Business Breakthrough!

Like many Entrepreneurs, I've had my fair share of highs and lows.  

Success was short and fleeting - despair and frustration the overruling themes, which pushed me to focus on how I could 'fix' it externally.  

If I only worked harder, created better content, implemented super systems, or perhaps even bought another program - yes that was the magic bullet.  

My solution was to smash through money blocks, implement daily spiritual practices, create awesome funnels, and write gorgeous copy from the heart - basically everything I was 'supposed' to do, and yet STILL not breaking out of the feast or famine cycle.  

I'd chop and change, self-sabotage by getting sick, become distracted with Bright Shiny Objects or worse get so disillusioned that I wanted to give up which meant that I was throwing away months of work.  

Nothing worked (not even spending $20k with one of the best Sales Mentors) until I got to the core of what was engrained on a Soul level.  

Running a business is a soulful experience that goes wayyy deeper than the products/services we actually sell. The intangible stuff you bring to the table - whether negative or positive is what your Peeps are actually buying. After all, money is just an exchange of energy, right?  

Soul-Fire Business Breakthrough Session works through your Akashic Records, to deliver truth bombs + biz strategy with a huge serve of love. I'm going to give it to you straight, and then we're going to work out a strategy to move forward with the information brought to light.

I Want A Soulful Badass Business>>

Are you stumped about what's going wrong in your sales process?

I want to help you get to the core of what's REALLY holding you back from creating your vision.  

It's time to stop constantly 'working' on yourself, 'peeling away layers' and yet STILL going around in circles.

Does Any Of This Resonate For you?

  • You're doing the work but not getting results, but not getting the results you deserve.
  • You're unsure how to connect spirit with business.
  • You know there is something holding you back, even though you can't quite put your finger on it.
  • You intuitively feel the need to delve further, even though logically you don't need any help.

I'll give it to you straight - home truths served with love to release your pain, and create EXACTLY what you want.


Feeling grounded and centred as you run your business every day.  

Responding rather than reacting.  

Knowing how to grow your business in a steady loving way.  

Letting go of pain to make way for fun in your business + life.  

Understanding what’s impacting your business growth.  

Being present and visible in your business.  

Turning pain to passion.

What Am I Actually Signing Up For?

  • During this powerful unfolding, I'm going to get to the core of your most pressing issue that's holding you back from unleashing your authentic power right now. 


  • It’s quite simple really. You can only fix what you're aware of and once you understand what's at the core of your block - you get to reclaim your power

  • In essence it's soul truth pure and simple.

  • You'll hear what's going on below the surface. Some things you may already know but are choosing to ignore, some may be new revelations. I don't decide it, your soul does.