3 Ways To Add Soul Fuel To Your Sales Process

Does it feel like there’s a missing piece to your sales process?

Today’s blog is about how to dig a little deeper, to uncover where you’re feeling stunted with growing your business.

Your sales process encompasses more than just the physical aspect of selling.

Systems and processes are just as important as ensuring you’re feeling balance in other areas.

It’s super important to understand what’s going on energetically, otherwise you’ll end up feeling misaligned to the very thing you love.

Stop Right Now Thank You Very Much (yes I am channeling Spice Girls lol)

In order to get from point A to B, you need to first be clear that you are indeed at point A, and gather your bearings.

Have a clear understanding of where you are now, will allow you to create a map of where you’d like to go.

In Business this may show up as impulsive and reactive if you don’t have an outline of where you’re headed.

Block off some time to take stock of what’s going on for you right now.

Does your Client Path (Sales Process/Funnel) take your clients on a journey of discovery to learn about you, and transform along the way too?

Are your love letters (auto-responder emails) filled with value or fluff?

Which product does each freebie pathway lead them to?

Chakra Business

Now it’s time to take care of ENERGETIC Business.

You can take care of all the external aspects of business, but if you’re cylinders aren’t running smoothly then it can all be in vain.

It doesn’t have to be a long complex process.

Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths.

In your mind’s eye see a gorgeous column of light coming into the top of your head.

Allow it to move through your body and visualize each chakra spinning clean and brightly and going back into the earth.

Take a few more deep breaths and open your eyes gently.

Grab your journal and write down what comes up for you.

Your sales funnel, should take clients on a journey of personal transformation as they also learn about you. Click To Tweet

Reset + Hustle The Sales Process.

You’ve analyzed your Client Pathway (Sales Process) strategy and reset energetically by cleansing your Chakras.

Now it’s time to ensure you incorporate soul and strategy EVERYDAY.

  • Start your day with journaling, meditation and crystals.
  • Write down your goals everyday.
  • Check in with mindset throughout the day.
  • Are you in lack/prosperity? Masculine/Feminine?

There’s no right or wrong, awareness is key here.
I’d love to hear what came up for you after doing this. Share your Soul-Fuel tip below.

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