Hustle Like A MOFO By Aligning With The Lunar Cycle.


Let me show you a way to be kick-ass and spiritual.

It’s about accepting all parts of yourself – even the so called bad parts.

Let go of drama.

Own your shit.

Stop making excuses.

After years of chopping and changing and never understanding why one day I’d feel like doing epic shit, and then a couple of days later feeling flatter than a pancake I embarked on the most profound journey of my life. Getting aligned with the moon cycles.

Doing this has taught me the true meaning of hustle + flow. I have to admit I freaking LOVE the hustle, but allowing the space for reflection and alignment with nature’s cycles has helped me gain more clarity, abundance + wisdom – not to mention a business that’s an extension of me and will continue to grow and evolve.

Lunar Business Planning + Goal Setting Practice is a system I developed over the last couple of years through my own personal journey. I’m not an Astrologer, so in my Zen Hustle Membership, I’ll always give it to you in a simple practical way.

Peeps Be Sayin…… 


Natalie Tolhopf 196x196“This is one cool chick. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again. She is frank, direct and a breeze to work with.”
Natalie Tolhopf

“I was completely blown away by her creative and unique talents!” Vanessa Baron


Sarah Boencamp 196x196

“She’s SO easy to work with and just seems to “get it.” If you’re looking for a strategic thinker who will help you nail your brand for your program, CHECK HER OUT.”
Sarah Bohnenkamp

Melissa Rolfe (Soutar) 196x196

“Truly grateful for Monique being so honest and letting me know what was already working in my ideas and then refining them with me to take them to a whole new level.”
Melissa Rolfe