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 Ahlow sahla (welcome in Lebanese)

You’re sick of ‘pushing’ to make shit happen.

You love what you do, but don’t seem to be getting the results you want.

You love the hustle, but get tired of the burnout.

You’re a badass AND woo-woo chick at heart, who loves the best of both worlds – if only you could blend them both together.

I believe…

You don’t need to sacrifice one for the other

Business doesn’t have to be hard

You can be crazy ambitious and centred at the same time

Are you ready to get Soul-Fired and play full-out in your business?

It’s your time.

Welcome to the Lady Hustle Evolution..

There’s a new way of build a business and it’s all about alignment, connecting with Ancient Wisdom and hustling in flow.

It’s time you brought all the hidden parts of you into your business, and get paid to be YOU.

I’m Monique Alamedine, a Zen Hustle Business Mentor to Lady Hustlers who want to create a Soul-Fired Online Biz. I do that with a mix of tough love, intuition + Badassery.

My deepest intention is to share all my Zen Badassery, to keep your business real, raw and fun!

I’m a Straight talking Virgo Chick delivering heartfelt ‘home truths’ served with love + warrior spirit. You’ll find me floating between spiritual woo woo and kick-ass Biz Strategy, because … well, the last few years have proven to me that you need ’em

I believe that Green Juice + herbal tea + sparkles can fix almost anything – oh and hugging a tree is, well…… magical. Prayer is my powerful secret weapon that turns the impossible into reality.

My Superpowers

Hustling with heart + soul.

Creative ‘outside the box’ ideas.


Zero Excuse Tolerator


Big-Picture Strategist

Tough-Love Deliverer 🙂

Truth Teller


How Do I Do It?

As a Zen Hustler, I mix intuition with kick-ass business strategy.

Let’s chat to get to the REAL issue of why you’re not where you’d like to be. Find out more here.


6 Facts About Me (Some Are Kinda Embarrassing)

flower-bullet I come from a big Lebanese family and have THIRTY-THREE Nieces and Nephews, with TWO MORE on the way!

flower-bullet I love ALL music, from classical to pop to hard-core rap, so if you hear me mumbling something offensive don’t stress – it’s not you!

flower-bullet If I was a FAMOUS POP STAR, I’d be a cross between J.Lo and Shakira, who’s half Lebanese! (And I always wanted to be South American growing up!)

flower-bullet I once saw a flash go off and instinctively struck a pose. It turned out that it was actually lightening and my hubby and family have NEVER let me live it down!

flower-bullet Always the SUPERSTAR, I was so excited when Virgin Australia launched and I could walk down the stairs from the plane to the tarmac like a celebrity. The first time I landed I left the plane, raised my hand to do the Queen’s wave . . . and Mr Handsome WASN’T THERE! He stole my superstar moment, and it took me two days to forgive him, ha ha!

I love working from home and, as GLAM as I would love to look, you’ll still catch me in my pjs at 3pm!

I have a CONFESSION to make . . . life isn’t perfect. While I have an awesome, THRIVING business and family, I’m not the perfect entrepreneur or the perfect mum. As you’ve discovered, I work in my pjs, and my family sometimes makes do with sandwiches when I don’t get dinner on the table. But there’s HAPPINESS, FUN, and SPARKLING SUCCESS in both my family and my business.


The Basic Rundown

I created two completely different product lines with no previous product experience.

I messed up. I got lost. I stopped altogether.

To be honest, product creation, sourcing, importing, getting patents and attracting media coverage nearly did my head in.

But then I found my feet.

I got grounded, found a mentor, and my success SKYROCKETED!

And now I can help you. I can show you how to avoid the mistakes I made, and create a lifestyle by design – not default!

Authenticity sells, so I’ll be straight with you – I’m not perfect. My life isn’t always sequins and roses, and I’ve made a commitment to be more authentic in my own business, sharing my highs AND my lows, to INSPIRE you to do the same.

Because it takes real COURAGE to be truly, deeply, soul-wrenchingly authentic, especially with your clients, where we feel like we have to have it all figured out.

So I’m striving to walk my talk. I was disconnected from myself for a long time before I GOT BACK IN TOUCH.

And, as I peel back the layers and get closer and closer to the real me, I feel myself being called to do so many things. I’m honouring them, and I want you to HONOUR YOUR PURPOSE as well.

From my time in the corporate world, to setting up TWO thriving businesses, to having the PRIVILEGE to mentor heart-centred, conscious women like you, my approach is, shall we say, UNIQUE.

I love working with my INTUITION. I love candles, angel cards, oracle cards and incense. I believe that you are the foundation of your brand, whether you’re selling a service, an info product OR a physical product.

And I KNOW that combining the REAL YOU with concrete business, marketing and product manufacturing savvy is the CATALYST for transforming your Million Dollar Idea into a thriving business.

Namaste, Bitchessss 🙂

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