7 Things I’m Not Taking With Me Into 2016


I have to say that 2015 was a year of massive awakening for me.

Plenty of stop/starts, breaking through limiting beliefs, getting more real and vulnerable than ever before. But more importantly getting clear on my message and life purpose that my business allows me to share.

It’s a great time for reflection, about what’s worked and what hasn’t.

Here are 7 things I’m not taking with me into 2016.

1. Over thinking

This has literally paralysed me at certain points in my life. The need to understand and plan down to the minutest detail just doesn’t serve me or my peeps.

I’ve missed out on many opportunities waiting for the ‘perfect’ moment, and that bloody well ain’t gonna happen AGAIN.

New Way: I only need to follow my gut. It’s always served me well, and I’m going to let it unleash in 2016.

2. Not Being Vulnerable Enough

Last year I finally started cracking through the facade built up over decades. I only scratched the surface with vulnerability in business, so I’m looking forward to delving even deeper into this.

New Way: Keep it real, lead from who I am and share my message – not just the perfect show reel.

3. Not Sharing My Message EVERY SINGLE DAY

Pretty self explanatory. This all goes back to over thinking.

Keep it simple and talk from the heart.

New Way: Share what’s in my heart regardless of how it’s going to make me look.

4. Not Planning

I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants, and whilst I LOVE the feeling. It doesn’t serve me well in the long run.

New Way: I’ve already mapped out my offering for the new year, so I know I have a reference guide to go back to at any point.

5. Limiting money beliefs

Chasing money yet deep down feeling like I didn’t deserve it.

New Way: I love money and money loves me. I serve, I deserve (thanks Denise DT)

6. Not being present

I’ve missed out on so many signs, intuitions & never-to-be-repeated moments because I was distracted with doing 5 things at once.

New Way: I wish I could say that I’ll only focus on one thing at a time, but I know that’s not me. Instead I promise myself that I will be present during conversations and connecting with peeps. I’ll also ensure that for the most part I make a conscious effort to focus on doing one thing at a time.

7. Inconsistency

Inconsistency has plagued me for years. I managed to finally get my groove back towards the end of the year – better late than never.

New Way: Do at LEAST one thing that moves me towards my yearly goal – everyday.

What are you leaving behind in 2015?

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2 Comments on 7 Things I’m Not Taking With Me Into 2016

  1. Simone
    January 3, 2016 at 3:01 am (6 years ago)

    Love this Monique and think it’s fair to say they are all the things I’m leaving behind in 2015 too! xx

    • admin
      February 4, 2016 at 8:47 am (6 years ago)

      Awesome to hear you can relate Simone 🙂 x