End Of Year Reflection For 2015

As important as it is to take action, it’s probably twice as important to reflect and take stock of where you’ve been, in order to get to where you need to go.

2015 has been a year of major breakthroughs, deep lows and great learnings.

What started off as rocky after losing my Sister In Law, has been a massive year of growth.

This was the year to deal with things stuffed away so deeply, that I didn’t even realize were there.

I’ve learned more about myself in the last few months, than in the past decade.

I’ve finally accepted things I was either in denial about, or chose to ignore.

Whatever no longer served me, was improved, refined or just wiped out. But I’m nowhere near finished, because I’m a work in progress.

This year was real, raw and honest.

I’ve acted SO out of character (in good AND bad ways), yet SO on point.

It’s been tiring, but the most exhilarating and alive I’ve felt in ages.

Clarity is such a sweet thang.

I can see my big picture vision, and whilst the exact process isn’t mapped out in great detail, I CAN see the next few steps.

I know that I have some awesome peeps to serve, and I’m working out how to best serve them.

I’m TRUSTING that all will be revealed.

I’m excited and scared, but SO FREAKING READY FOR THIS!

To serve you.

To keep you accountable.

To help you take action NOW.

To allow you to stay in flow while you create magic.

To keep things simple for you – yet powerful.

So you see this year was a really mixed bag.

One that turned out differently to how I had imagined when I asked for clarity.

I may have clarity, but let me tell you that the journey doesn’t end here.

I know that I will change, and so will you.

Let’s embrace this change together.

It’s time.

Time to shine

Time to create the vision in your mind.

Time to do what you’ve been ‘meaning’ to do.

Be sure to take some time over the next week to reflect on your journey.

What did you do really well?

What did you learn?

What will you take with you in 2016?

What do you need to let go of?

How will you apply your new learnings?

How will you your new way of being serve your peeps?

I’ll be taking some time off to do the the same.

Until 5th January, I’ll be offline planning for 2016, while closing off this year.(You’ll probably still receive emails from me though) 🙂


FYI I’m running a FREE 7 Day Mind:Body:Spirit Reset Challenge starting January 18th


I want to take this time to wish you a fabulous Christmas!


I can’t wait to smash 2016 together

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