How I Finished 2015 Better Than It Started (And How You Can Too)

It’s been a brilliant year of growth for me.

What started out as one of the worst years of my life, after losing my Sister inlaw to cancer last year, has ended as one of the best!

What made it so damn good?


I guess I took action this year without even knowing what the big picture was going to look like – a big thing for a Virgo like me 🙂

I used to take so much time to meticulously plan something that would actually never get executed.

If only I knew then what I know now……

action kicks planning’s butt!

But before all that action, I gave myself the gift of time to heal at the start of the year.

I deactivated my FB, got healthy and cut the crap out of my life which included food, people, habits + beliefs.

Here are the top 5 things that helped me go from apathetic couch potato to action taking Zen Hustler.

Share Your Message (Even If You Don’t Know What It Is)

After taking time out to regroup, I came back to my Business without a clear direction of what my message was.

I had changed so much since starting Zen Hustler, that I really didn’t know what I stood for anymore. 

This made sharing my message quite difficult because I had a vision in my head & heart that I couldn’t express. Besides feeling frustrated, it was also doing nothing to grow my business.

So I started sharing thoughts, or tools I found and experimenting with offers.

I found the more I shared my thoughts, the clearer my message became to me and other peeps.

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step – Martin Luther King

 Write Daily

As simplistic as it sounds, it’s super important to write something – even if it’s “I don’t know what to write”.

I’ve honestly written that over 20 times when nothing was coming to me during a writing sesh.

The more space you allow for creativity, the more it longs to work through you. 

My heart kept longing to share a message, that my mind just couldn’t comprehend.

Writing is something I LOVE doing, but struggled with at the start because I couldn’t blend mind, heart & spirit.

The reason the triangle couldn’t come together was because there was no consistency with my writing.

Rather than ONLY writing when ‘feelings inspired’, I chose to include writing into my daily schedule.

This meant that whether I felt like it or not, I was going to write something.

Respect Your Business

When I started to treat my business as it should be treated – a vessel to serve my life purpose, it responded back with kindness.

I used to work around my social schedule.

Now that doesn’t mean I no longer have time out for me, it’s quite the opposite really.

Start treating it like you would a job, by creating work hours.

I still have the morning time to myself before I start my day, and finish by school pickup. Some days there are after school activities so I have more time for fun (work).

The point being, create structure + boundaries for your day.


My word for this year was connection.

I didn’t end up looking like I had planned, but I sure did connect.

The goal was to join an in-person women’s networking group, and for some reason it never felt like the right time.

In hindsight I understand that I was still healing from grief, and finding my voice again.

I trusted and still maintained that intention – even when I didn’t think I would ever get to start.

And then it happened, towards the end of the year I was able to connect with a bunch of awesome women through FB groups who I DID end up meeting in person.

This was definitely one of the highlights of my year, and contributed to ending the year on such a high.

Try to include some offline connections, particularly the peeps you actually interact with online.

Magic happens when you meet awesome peeps in person. 


I’ve spoken about this in a previous blog post, but I need to mention it again.

I removed discipline from my life, and re-introduced devotion.

When you are devoted to something, discipline just comes naturally.

Connecting to my big why, which for me are: being able to pick/drop my Daughter from school, AND help women hustle + flow to create a biz filled with fun & freedom has helped me stay focused.

I’m devoted to changing women’s lives and giving my Daughter a better life with both having her Mum at home, as well as financial stability.

I choose devotion to my cause, rather than grinding to the discipline drum.

Have you had a great year? Share your highlights below

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