Why Discipline Is Just Another Buzz Word That Doesn’t Work

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Whenever I didn’t follow through or succeed at something, I always thought it was because I didn’t apply myself enough, or mainly because I lacked discipline.

I’ve beat myself about it, ‘tried’ to change it, and would constantly set up all these new ‘systems’ to overcome this failure. Some of the things I tried ranged from having a set schedule everyday to completing time management programs.

Nothing worked.

Maybe I was forever destined to be the ‘start and never finish’ kinda gal.

My heart + soul was craving completion though so there was massive inner turmoil. The joy of watching something grow from a little seed of hope into a flourishing bold entity of it’s own, just kept eluding me.

There was that dreaded word discipline that just kept popping up everywhere. Everywhere I turned I heard it from people who have lost weight to successful business owners earning multiple six figures.

WTF did that mean anyway?

Does it mean forcing yourself to work 10 hour days because you’re so passionate about your project?

Or perhaps continue doing the thing that you’re supposed to do, even  if you’re feeling flat and de-motivated because THAT is what gets you through?

This had me baffled for years until one sweet day the bright and shiny penny dropped.

It suddenly occurred to me that I didn’t need discipline when I had DEVOTION.

Yep just one word shift, has turned my whole business (and life) around.

You see the word discipline itself invokes a feeling of pushing, forcing, coercion and just general pressure to perform.

As a Zen Hustler, I firmly believe in making shit happen and not waiting for something to miraculously fall out of the sky while you’re sitting back ‘manifesting’ it.

However, I do believe that in order to make that epic stuff happen – your mindset needs to be in the right space.

This one distinction has dramatically changed the flow of my work from one of resistance to joyous productivity.

You naturally devote yourself to things you love, right?

And it’s so instinctive, that it doesn’t feel like work.

I want you to approach this with an open heart + mind. What if you applied the same principles to your business/work?

This simple word shift takes you from, just wanting to make money – which I’m all up for (it’s why we’re in business) to SERVING your tribe.

Imagine making money AND serving your peeps effortlessly, while having fun.

I can honestly say this has taken away the dread of ‘go hard’ when I can’t even kickstart let alone ‘go’.

And the best part is, you can start RIGHT NOW.

The point of power is always in the present moment – Louise L Hay.

Some questions to think about.

Why do you love what you do?

If money wasn’t an issue and you had a choice to do ANYTHING in the world, would you still do what you’re doing now?

You may need do delve a little deeper if the answers don’t come to you easily.

I have added devotion to my vision board and constantly repeat it to myself as I write my to-do list, complete tasks or work when I don’t really feel like working.

If you’re stuck and can’t make the switch over, I’m here to help.

I’d love to hear the words that shifted things for you, so be sure to share below.

P.S End Of Year Hustle starts tomorrow, and was created as a sacred space of devotion + action to your passion. It’s 8 days of taking action to bring your vision to life. . 



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