How To Actually Finish What You Start Like A Zen Hustler

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One of the main reasons I created my business is because I’m passionate about what I do and LOVE to run my own show.

Yet every year around this time, I start to sub-consciously wind down, which clearly stems from years of working in the corporate world. Back then I couldn’t wait for the year to end so that I could go into holiday mode.

I’ve been doing my thang in one way or another for the last 12 years, so I clearly love what I do, and yet I find myself stuck in Employee mindset.

This year is different though.

I’ve finally learned the art of turning work into fun, so that I don’t need to switch off. Now don’t get me wrong I’m going to have some down time, where I won’t be as active as normal BUT I’ll STILL be here doing what I love.

This switch off mentality, reminds me of another bad habit that I managed to break.

For years I was BRILLIANT at the start-up creation process and pretty crap at finishing, and over the years I’ve managed to see things through to completion.

I found my own way of pushing through when I needed to, and pulling back when my intuition told me otherwise.

Here are a few things that have help me finish what I started (when I don’t really want to).

Map It All Out

It’s so easy to chunk up your vision into one big ball of an idea, which means it’s going to be an overwhelming mess that’s impenetrable.

It’s important to have a clear understanding of the next steps you need to take.

This is a really simple process that’s so powerful.  Just grab your notebook – personally I sometimes like to use a blank paper i.e. no lines and a bunch of different coloured markers.

So for example if I’m stuck on what to offer as a product, I’ll just start writing the things I can help my peeps with, it might be clearing mindset blocks around building a business or teaching them my Hustle + Flow Method.

I’ll start to notice a theme which helps me tie into a program or offering.

You’ll find the more brain dumping you do, the clearer your mind becomes.

Once you’ve done the ‘clearing’ stage, then you can start to piece it all together and create a plan of action.

Break that down even further by creating your ka-chingers (tasks) so you have a step by step plan of things you can do daily to get to the end goal.

Follow Your Gut

I think you know me well enough by now to know that I go beyond the logical technical stuff.

When you’re REALLY resisting something you need to stop and ask yourself, “is this what I want to do or something I feel I MUST do?”

Is it in alignment with where you’re at?

There are plenty of times when I’ve done something because my Mentor told me or someone I know had great success with or even worse I was so desperate that I’d try anything.

I’ve also just been plain lazy many times.

Only YOU know the answer, and it’s important to be honest with yourself.

Ask The Cosmos

The last couple of years have had their fair share of unpredictable ups and downs – or so I thought until I connected with the Cosmos.

Even if you don’t believe in Unicorns and Fairies, being able to understand what’s happening on a universal level can change the way you operate and in turn increase your productivity levels.

Working with the Lunar Cycle, has allowed me to take charge of my emotional highs and lows which affect my ability to produce and finish what I started.

I highly recommend you look into it further, and if you want to know more let’s chat.

Accountability Buddy

Find a buddy to keep you accountable or a like minded group of action takers.

Stop Thinking About It

Moaning, whining, stressing and procrastinating aren’t going to get you anywhere. Nothing replaces just doing it. Nuff said.

The Last Trick Up My Sleeve

I’m not a coffee drinker, but when I just can’t get in that zone I make myself an Iced coffee (Coconut Mylk + Stevia thanks) put on some good music, turn off all distractions and Just. Freaking. Do. IT.




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