How I Went From Idea To Cash Sales In 48 Hours

I’ve always got ideas racing through this brain of my mine, and if I had a dollar for every idea that’s done a marathon run in my head, I’d probably be on my way to billionaire status.

One day I got to thinking about what I enjoy doing that lights me up, feels effortless, and more like fun than work.

I realised that I really enjoy coming up with names for products and services. There just had to be a way to monetise this strength that has seen me waste so much time in the ‘creative’ phase, without progressing any further.

Largely because it’s just me, so I don’t really have time to do EVERYTHING, and mostly because NOT everything is going to excite me in the long run.

I’ve learned to decipher between what ties into what I’m doing, and what’s going to divert my attention.

On this occasion, it tied in just fine thanks 🙂

So as I was saying……

I LOVE the whole creation process and thought why the hell can’t I monetise THAT?

Well I did and I also starting making sales within 48 hours. Read on and I’ll tell you how I did it.

Think About The End Result.

Decide on the outcome before you think about anything.

I thought about what I could offer that I had seen peeps struggle with.

It occurred to me that one of the biggest thing I see my clients stress over was coming up with names and/or tag lines for their product or business.

How cool would it be for them to walk away at the end of our session with with names + tag lines for their programs and services.

The How

In order to get them to that end result, there needed to be a process to get to the finish line.

I took some time to think about about the best way to deliver this.

It dawned on me that there had to be some pre-work completed in order for our time together to be laser-focused.

I crafted the pre-session Creative Jam and called it The Naming Adventure because it was more than just a session or experience, right?

Next step was to let as many people as possible know.

Sing It Loud & Proud

The strategy I used was to post my offer in a few FB groups, looking for beta-testers.

This is a great idea for a couple of reasons:

1. I needed to refine the process

2. In exchange they would offer a testimonial if happy with the service.

I had an overwhelming response, and narrowed it down to 7 awesome women.

Why 7?

No particular reason, it just felt right. Just enough to clear out the glitches, but not so much that I was de-valuing what I do.

After each session, I asked each lady to post a testimonial in the group where they initially saw my post.

Within 48 hours, I had two paying clients who came to me AND I became the go-to-gal for naming.

I didn’t advertise or even email my list.

This is what happens when you take inspired action and act immediately.

As I’ve said before, so many ideas have slipped through my fingers because I never took action on them.

I was so caught up in the ‘planning’ that I didn’t do any of the work.

In summary:

  • Get clear on what you’re offering.
  • Refine the process with beta-testers
  • Be up front with your testers, and let them know why you’re doing this, and that you’d like a testimonial afterwards (provided they’re happy with what you offered)
  • Prepare to be vulnerable, and share the reason why you’re doing this i.e. new offering, testimonials, refining the process.

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