3 Things Mint + Parsley Taught Me About Hustle + Flow In My Business

Mint + Parsley pic for blog

In my humble opinion, salad just ain’t a salad if there’s no herbs in it – particularly Parsley & Mint. On a good day, I eat salad twice a day.

I’ve been getting  a little lazy lately though, either eating no salad or even worse,  ONLY including the basic vegies, so sometimes those two delightful Herbs unfortunately get left out.

I love these herbs too much to do without them, and realized the solution was to prep these happy herbs (well that’s how they make feel hehe)  so they’re ready to go every time I need it.
As I rinsed, picked and bunched up the Parsley + Mint, it got me thinking about how ‘herb prepping’ applies to business.

Here are 3 things I realised as I was picking mint leaves, and bunching parsley:

Prep For The Flow

We all know being lucky means you’ve prepared yourself to receive, so when the opportunity presents itself, you’re ready to kick-it.

Daily flow doesn’t just magically happen, it starts off with a choice and then it requires a little loving to blossom. The biggest misconception is that flow just flows…ahh no.

A structure needs to be in place in order for that flow to happen.

Take The Time To Forward Plan

What do I mean by structure?

In order to be spontaneous, ironically there needs to be systems and/or processes for that to happen.

Say for example, you’ve let your daily writing time slip away to nothingness, and have finally decided it’s time to launch your product.

Now because you’ve let your writing rhythm slip so far,  you don’t feel in flow or alignment because you’re not expressing yourself.

You may even call it writers block.

Your brain is like a muscle that needs to be trained and conditioned to perform in the way you choose..

You go to write and the words just don’t flow. Pressure starts to mount as you realise how far on the back foot you’re starting.

Now the system you need is to create a daily writing schedule, which allows for spontaneous creativity ideas to be birthed at any time because you’ve laid the foundations.

Make sense?

Stay Grounded – Hands On 

Like I was leaving out my happy herbs, you need to also be aware of what you’ve neglected in your business.

One thing I try to maintain is being grounded and hands on – regardless of how busy life may be. I’m far from perfect, and sometimes it does feel like a juggling act but it’s worth it in the end.

Daily essentials to keep me in the zone and grounded are journaling, Lunar tracking + planning my day to ensure I get it all done.

This also applies tracking your income, which goes beyond just looking at the daily sales.

Understand what was sold, where these peeps found you and who they are.

Also take note of optins, and general Social Media (this can be done weekly or monthly)

Remember, one of the most important ingredients for success (aside from action) is PREPARATION.

Think about some ways you can speed up your daily routine, without missing out on anything.

It doesn’t have to be big.
It can be as simple as my Mint + Parsley prepping, but makes a massive difference to your productivity level.

I’d love to hear your pointers, share your tips below.


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