Use It Or Lose It Sister: Why You Need To Jump On That Idea Right Now

As a creative entrepreneur, I’ve let so many brilliant ideas and thoughts slip through my fingers.

The biggest one I can recall, was back in 2003 where I had the idea to create a one stop shop online for all types of insurances. What this meant was, rather than the time wasting monotony of phoning numerous insurers for prices, consumers would head to one website and enter ALL details in one place, instead of individually.

Great idea right? Yeah I thought so too.

But I didn’t do anything with it and a few years ago, somebody else did bring that vision to life.

I could go on forever and a day about different strategies, words, thoughts that I had written down and actually planned out. BUT did absolutely NOTHING with.

I’m right in the middle of reading Big Magic by Liz Gilbert, which has opened my eyes up to a concept I was only recently becoming aware of.

Ideas have a shelf life.

Either you use it or it moves on.

In Big Magic, Liz tells the story of a fictitious novel she was so passionate about writing, with a very specific and unique storyline.

After investing hours or research and writing, she had to step away from it to focus personal life issues. When she eventually came back to it much later, Liz found that passion had waned and it was a struggle to get back into it the flow that once was. So she gave up.

Months down the track she meets and befriends another author, by the name of Anne who tells her about the inspired idea she has for a book, which unbelievably is the SAME thing Liz was writing about in her book.

They even worked out that Anne got the inspiration at almost the same time that Liz made the decision to let it go.

And that’s pretty much how it works.

The universe delivers everything you desire, but you gotta grab it and actually USE it.

You know those fleeting uhhmaayyzing ideas you get in the shower, driving, watching TV etc? Those magical moments happen when we least expect, and it’s because Spirit has a chance to talk to us when it’s not so noisy.

After you rush for a paper & pen like I do 🙂 the crucial part in this formula is taking action.

You can sit and plan forever and a day OR you can make the decision to take creative control of your life.

The clock’s ticking gorgeous, are you going to do it or watch someone else live your dream?

Stay on track and in flow with this proven reliable and consistent system.

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