How to Break out of a Creative Slump when you Need to Write NOW

The cold weather + mercury retrograde has played around with my brain waves. Well I don’t know if that’s happening scientifically, but it sure does feel that way when experiencing a creative slump 🙂

You know those times where you struggle to think of the most commonly used words? When stringing a sentence together feels like a mighty feat.

Write that blog post you tell yourself.

Create your free giveaway.

Finish/start on your salespage

Craft your FB ad.

The list just keeps getting longer, while you sink deeper into your black hole of nothing, wondering how other people are ‘switched on’ all the time. It’s not really as complicated as it seems.

Here’s 5 things you need to do when you’re not in a creative flow.

The first thing I write down when I’m creating a new message, is what I want the reader to take away. For example the intention for this email you’re reading right now is to help clear away brain fuzz.

If you get stumped along the way, just refer back to your intention to get in flow again.

You may tell a different story than what you initially started out with – that’s ok. The main thing is to stay focused and keep it simple.

Just keep writing
Ever had one of those days where you just had nothing to say? It happens to the best of us. This very post you’re reading came to me because I was in the same position and this is what I did to get me fired up again.

I was actually writing about something entirely different altogether.

Write even if it feels like gibberish because you’ll pick out a few gold nuggets that can be used now or in the future.

Get over yourself
Stop being a Prissy Perfection Princess. Sh!t happens, but it doesn’t give you the right to roll over and emotionally cease to exist. Stop looking at your imperfections and just serve your peeps. Nuff said.

Keep it real
Keep it honest and from the heart – write about what you’re going through.

Sharing your truth allows you to help others going through the same thing. It’s also a great way to step outside yourself, gain further clarity, and also a deeper understanding of your clients pain which you can use when you’re writing any type of copy.

Musical Dreams
Music has a strong life force of it’s own that can take me on a magical journey at any time.

Life without music is colourless, tasteless & just plain boring. There’s a song for every flavour ie mood.

When I want to write about things close to my heart, I listen to music that slows me down and makes me reflect.

London Grammar – Strong
Lean On – Major Lazer
Do You Remember – Jarryd James

My inner Hustler hustles to fast upbeat rap, dance or pop music. I love listening to this type of music when I’m on a rant or feel strongly about something I want to share.

Work Bitch – Britney Spears
All I Do Is Win – DJ Khaled
I’m Me – Lil Wayne

The type of music you choose truly comes out in your writing – choose wisely.

Bonus Point:
Oh and most importantly, don’t forget to shake yo booty to get your blood AND creativity flowing.

How do YOU get back in the groove? Share your tips below.

Stay on track and in flow with this proven reliable and consistent system.

Peace Out!
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