Is It Spiritual To Fight?

Is it spiritual to fight?You’re the best around.
Nothings gonna ever keep you down.
Fight till you drop.
Never stop.
Can’t give up, until you reach the top.
You’re the best in town (FIGHT)
Listen to that sound (FIGHT)
A little bit of all you got, can never bring you down.
You’re The Best – Karate Kid Movie Soundtrack


I’ve been obsessed with this classic 80’s song for the last couple of weeks.

It’s right up there with Eye Of The Tiger to get me in the fighter mindset.

As someone who lives in both spirit AND hustle world, this song got me thinking about how ‘making’ stuff happen ties in with flow and being spiritual.

Is It Spiritual To Fight For What You Want Or Should It Flow Naturally To You?

What many people get wrong is that it goes against all spiritual principles if you DON’T take action. It’s the type of energy you put into it that makes the difference.

So you can wait for the answer to fall down from the sky, or you can STILL keep moving forward while you’re waiting to hear it.
You’ve heard the old adage, start before you’re ready.
Same kinda principle here.
Take the action even if you don’t feel like it.
The level of intensity will vary, but you will ALWAYS be hustling.
You may have developed a negative view about being a fighter, BUT it’s simply a choice between ‘fighting to make it happen’ or having a Fighter Spirit.

So IS it spiritual to fight for what you want?

It’s super spiritual to honour your purpose, and that means making it happen even when you don’t feel like it/don’t see how it will work/don’t know what to do etc.
Being a fighter doesn’t mean you want to fight the world, be aggressive or that life is a battle to be fought .
It means you’re willing to stand up for what you believe to be true deep in your core about yourself, the world and others.
Fighting for what you want doesn’t mean physical, mental or emotional torture. It just means that come hell or high water you’re going to shake shizz up yo.

Put Your Back Into It.

Remember; we’re spiritual beings having a human experience, which means there are universal laws that apply. As much as I’d like to live in Airy Fairy World as Hippie Chick, I realize that my inner Sik Bitch needs to come out and play.

One cannot exist without the other for me.

I need to be still to hear the message from above, but then I need to get my hustle on to make it happen.

Don’t get me wrong, some people are happy being ‘in flow’ ALL the time. That just doesn’t work for me.

My soul actually craves being in BOTH worlds.

Both worlds have so much to offer, and it’s up to you to ensure you maintain the pureness and integrity for both sides.

How do you integrate the two?

When an idea pops up, you have two choices.

You wait until it’s the right time to create and then share it.

Because you know, you have to write that blog post, or finish off your ebook before you can even think about it. Then you need to bathe the kids and make dinner (and the list goes on). Catch my drift?


You can just start now.

Simple, right?

Starting NOW means your fighting the urge to do what’s comfortable for you.

Fighting through your blocks and self-imposed limitations.

And THAT my friend is what makes you a fighter.

A Bona fide Spiritual Gangsta.

You no longer have to choose between being a lover or fighter anymore, because you’re a Loving Fighter.

It IS spiritual to fight – Booyah!

I hereby give you full permission to sucker punch your own limitations, laziness, inconsistency and whining.

You got this.

“Fight til you drop. Never Stop!”

What song gets YOU pumped? I’d REALLY love to know – I’m serious!! 🙂 Share it below,  and tell me so I can add it to my playlist of songs to get me pumped 🙂

Peace Out!


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