What Does It Take To Go From Flat To Focused + Driven?

6 weeks ago I was in the darkest place I’ve ever been in my life.
  •  I was super unhealthy & unfit.
  • I had zero passion or drive for biz (or life for that matter).
  • I had no energy or focus.
  • I was disconnected from spirit and those I loved.
  • I just couldn’t get my sh*t together at home (my house was nowhere near tidy).
  • I had no structure or routine to my day aside from when my Daughter had to be dropped off/picked up from school (and even then I was late probably 80% of the time).

Everywhere I turned doors were closing in on me, and don’t even get me started on how dull and boring life had become.

It’s been a long and bumpy journey to ‘the slump’ – the sneaky thing just creeps up on you.

Of course the best solution is prevention. 

You stop doing one seemingly little thing that makes your daily wheels turn, and then one day you wake up and realize you’re struggling to keep up.

I was beyond scattered, I was brain-dead and emotionless.

The good news is that I’ve turned it all around to look and feel the best I have felt in quite literally years.

We’re in February, and all the new year bravado has probably worn off and you’re left scratching your head thinking, is this all?

I mean 2015 is a brilliant year, but are you tapping into the energy? or better yet do you know how to?

Using a bunch of strategies and tools, I’m now:

  • Focused
  • Fit
  • Healthy
  • Productive
  • Connected
  • Present
  • Organized

If you want to experience this life changing transformation then we need to talk asap.

I’m super pumped to share this with you, that I haven’t even put a sales page together.

One thing you’ll learn about me, is that I am soooo big on taking action (the hustling).

Ya gotta balance the ‘zen’ with the ‘hustle’.

Too much Zen and nothing happens.

Too much Hustle and you’re all scattered – just busy being busy.

I’m only taking 10 women on this journey with me.

This program runs for 40 days, because it’s been proven to take that many days for changes to stick.

NB: This is NOT an online program, this is you and me 1:1 for 40 days, live and interactive.

I’m going to be there every step of the way with:

  • A daily telephone checkin to set the tone/schedule for your day, and keep you accountable for the previous day.
  • Weekly 1:1 30 min session where we’ll delve into your weekly action plan and focus.
  • Email support
  • Lifeline calls when you’re stuck or unsure.
  • Private FB group.
  • Training modules as required.

I had to work my way through this dark lonely maze alone, and I’m holding the space, knowledge and first hand experience to help you though this.

As I mentioned this is the first round, and as the Beta group I’m offering a substantial saving, the only catch is that this offer is only available until 11.59pm Monday 2nd March AEDST (Sydney Australia Time).

Click here to buy now. 

I know I’m crazy giving it to you at this price, but I REALLY want you to have this NOW. Why waste another moment not playing full-out.

Stop living in mediocre world and come on over to awesome land to create a lifestyle + business you freaking love.

Some peeps say this shouldn’t be offered for less than $3k, and some even say $6k.

Look I do agree that I’m not charging no where near it’s full worth, but it’s a passion project that needs to be birthed RIGHT NOW. With no fancy sales page or delays.

My super super super special earlybird rate is only $997. Remember this MUST be paid in full by 11:59 pm Monday March 2nd 2015.

I can ONLY take 10 women through each round, as it’s quite intensive. So be sure you get in quickly so you don’t miss out.

Are you ready to make 2015 the year you create the life you’ve always dreamed of?

All you need to do is just CLICK HERE to grab your spot now.

If you do need to know more, just hit reply with your phone number, and I’ll give you a call. If I don’t think I can help you, I’ll be straight up with you, but hey, at least I got to say hi 🙂

I so badly want this for you.

You’ve got this Gorgeous!

Peace out!


P.S This program is based on four key areas Business, Life, Spirit, Body because if one is out of whack the other stack of cards just topple. Remember, I can only work with 10 Women, so if any of this resonates be sure to lock in your spot now. If you feel you need to know more, just hit reply with your phone number and we’ll arrange to have a no obligation chat. I’m uber excited to help you!


P.P.S If you’re already rocking your world, and  have a friend who needs direction, focus and fun in her life, then please forward this email to her.

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