Visualization Sucks


As a conscious Entrepeneur, I was always taught that to achieve my goals I need to just see and feel it in my minds eye for it to manifest.

Whilst I do agree with the overall principles, it’s so easy to get caught up in the ‘feeling’ of it all, so much so, that it ACTUALLY FEELS like you’ve arrived at your destination.

This is a trap I have fallen into many times.

I imagine what it feels like to have a successful business, new car, sell products etc, and once I achieve those goals in my mind, I feel like the work has been done.

What we need to realize is that this visualization stuff only works if you combine it with massive AND consistent action.

I agree it’s important to acknowledge your achievements, but things fall apart when you start buying into your own hype.

What does this mean?

For me it means that I am focusing on centering myself rather than oscillating between flat-lining and red-lining. Keeping myself in the present moment, with my eye on the big picture is a massive juggling act, but one that pays off in bucket loads.

Since adopting the intention of staying centred, I am now able to still acknowledge my wins, without boycotting the steps required to get me where I need to be.

Visualizing while still ‘doing’ what needs to be done is the key to success. Don’t get so caught up in your vision that you forget about today. It’s like waiting for happiness, ‘when I get this I will be happy’ or ‘when I lose weight I will take care of my appearance’.

Setting an intention can be so much more empowering than planning.

Let me tell you my story.

I was forever planning, visualizing and dreaming.

Whenever I would achieve something that would bring me closer to this vision, something inside me would shut down, much like ticking things off a to-do list. Except this would apply to my whole vibe.

The problem was that I was so invested in the outcome.

There is a big difference between wanting something and being desperate.

The magic formula is simple:

Clarity + Intention + Kick-ass action is all that’s required.

Think about the reason why you want what you want.

Keep peeling away those layers until you get to the pure intent of the BIG FAT WHY.

Why do you want this? THAT my friend is the kinda gold that’s going to get your life + biz blinging.

Visualizing ONLY works if you remember that there are still steps you need to take to get to that sweet spot.

The magic takes place when you find your middle ground on the oscillating speedometer between doing nothing and EVERYTHING.

When I stopped and became clear on the why, the how suddenly became unambiguous.This actually grounds you into feeling, rather than allowing mind chatter to rule, so you are able to come back to your heart space.

Can you relate to this sweets? I would love to hear your thoughts on this below.

Monique Alamedine is a Writer + Intuitive Biz Coach + Life Strategist who believes that ‘success’ means being calm, centred & crazy ambitious – all at the same time.

She calls this being a Zen Hustler – and is on a mission to help you become one too.

She helps women in retail & service business make money doing what they love while ‘keeping it real’. Ain’t no sugar-coated fluff coming out of this Mumma’s mouth – expect straight from the heart home truths delivered with a big serving of love.

As a Zen Hustler, she mixes intuitive readings with kick-ass business strategy. Email


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