Stop Being Mediocre At Many Things + Start Being Brilliant At One

Stop Being Mediocre

Mastering The Art Of Multi-passionate Entrepreneurship

I have (another) confession to make.

Up until recently, I struggled with doing one thing really well.

Give me 5 things and I felt like I was right in my element.

Hindsight is a wonderful little bugger though, because I can now see all the opportunities I had missed out on for growing my business.

I loved the variety, and excitement of something new.

The exhilaration + passion alone, led me to believe that juggling so many things at once was sustainable

But alas, I was being mediocre and needed to stop.

Now don’t get me wrong I have no issue with doing multiple things, but when you constantly start something and move onto the next it’s called Bright Shiny Object Syndrome.

I’m definitely guilty of BSOS.

In fact I still have to pull myself up on it, and to be honest it’s much like a reformed alcoholic – you can never allow yourself to be lured into the shine and sparkle of that ‘new’ exciting project.

Be aware that being multi-passionate, can also lead to BSOS if not managed correctly.

I don’t know about you, but I am sick of half-assed effort. I no longer accept mediocre. My heart + arms are wide open to focus and devotion. 

Focusing on the one project/business/task.

Devotion to my cause by doing the work on a daily basis.

Going through the day to day grind and reaping those juicy sweet rewards.

What would happen if you focused purely and solely for a set amount of time on ONE project?

Juggling between Snugbods, Glass Straws and Mentoring had me running on empty and chasing my tail. After feeling like a wench was physically pulling me in 3 different directions, I realized there had to be a better way to do this. Glass Straws was taking off all of a sudden, and my gut was telling me that this is where I needed to be. But of course it’s one thing to know and another to DO.

Enter my brilliant coach who suggested I focus on ONE thing for ONE month.


Now in my mind, it didn’t feel like a permanent thing so for a BSOSer, it felt do-able, manageable and somehow not so stifling but rather liberating. 

What ended up happening is that, I actually quite enjoyed giving something my full attention. I got so immersed in what I was doing that I forgot it was only for a month.

If you’re a BSOSer (Bright Shiny Syndrome) here are a few things to try:

1. Focus on one project, but ensure that you have variety.

For my Glass Straws I ensure that I mix it up with writing, taking pictures of my smoothies + juices, sales + marketing. Keep it exciting by thinking outside the square. Research other industries and see what you can apply to your business.

2. Create  a Read Later file 

Use tools like Pocket or Evernote to create a folder of ideas or things that you would like to do once you have followed through on your current project. That way you won’t be concerned that you will ‘forget’ something if you don’t act on it immediately.

3. Devote yourself to the cause

Constantly remind yourself about why you do what you do. What’s the big why? When it’s something that goes deep, it’s easier to stick to it. My big-ass why with Glass Straws, is that I am contributing to the longevity of our beautiful planet. Now THAT makes me want to go hard.

 Ask yourself gorgeous, where are you settling for mediocre?

Be honest.

What are you going to do to start playing full-on and doing EPIC shit?

Love always

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Monique Alamedine is a Writer + Intuitive Biz Coach + Life Strategist who believes that ‘success’ means being calm, centred & crazy ambitious – all at the same time.

She calls this being a Zen Hustler – and is on a mission to help you become one too.

She helps women in retail & service business make money doing what they love while ‘keeping it real’. Ain’t no sugar-coated fluff coming out of this Mumma’s mouth – expect straight from the heart home truths delivered with a big serving of love.

As a Zen Hustler, she mixes intuitive readings with kick-ass business strategy. Email

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