Escape from Wonder Woman Syndrome


Do you remember my post about the Big Balance Myth?  I told you the story of the reporter and the very organised woman and how his report left out all the parts of her life which were not so pretty.

He was contributing to the development of Wonder Woman Syndrome.  One amazing woman gets everything done (and done well) without ruining her perfect hair or her perfect nails, and while smoothly managing a job and her family.  She’s a wonder woman, alright.

  •  The real Wonder Woman is a fictional character who has super powers.
  •  She has a range of super weapons built into her uniform and into those bracelets she always wore.
  •  She has a secret identity and, like Superman, only becomes Wonder Woman when she has to fight crime.
  •  She is not married and has no children to care for.

  • Do you have superpowers?   
  • Do you have super weapons?  
  • Do you only have yourself to look after?

The answer to all those questions is probably ‘no’ so why do you put yourself under so much pressure to be another Wonder Woman?

What is it that you have to prove?  Who do you need to impress?

No matter what other women seem to be I can guarantee that they are no closer to being Wonder Woman than you are.  They too will be driving themselves to exhaustion as they try to keep up with all the demands on their time.  Their homes might look immaculate but don’t open the cupboards in case everything topples out.  Their hair and makeup might be perfect but I’d hate to see their bathrooms.


No matter how hard you try, you will never be Wonder Woman but remember; she had an advantage.  She was only Wonder Woman for part of the day while you are attempting to live the role 24 hours a day. Even Wonder Woman couldn’t do that.

Instead of struggling to reach the impossible, give yourself a break. Save your health and your sanity.  Ditch the stress that is eating into you and into your relationships.  You are the one who is demanding perfection of yourself – no one else is pushing you.

Think about asking for help.  Hire a cleaner or a gardener.  Outsource the work you dislike.  Hire a Virtual Assistant or a Bookkeeper.  There is no shame in calling for support.  In fact, these days it’s a regular part of life. 

If you can free yourself from the things that stress you and suck up your time, why not do it?  

There’s a lot of life out there waiting for you.

Make the decision now.  Become Good Enough Woman, instead.  It’s a much more comfortable fit and she’s a much happier person.

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Monique Alamedine is a Writer + Intuitive Biz Coach + Life Strategist who believes that ‘success’ means being calm, centred & crazy ambitious – all at the same time.

She calls this being a Zen Hustler – and is on a mission to help you become one too.

She helps women in retail & service business make money doing what they love while ‘keeping it real’. Ain’t no sugar-coated fluff coming out of this Mumma’s mouth – expect straight from the heart home truths delivered with a big serving of love.

As a Zen Hustler, she mixes intuitive readings with kick-ass business strategy. Email


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