Super Sexy Naming Adventure

Revealed: How You Could Be Squandering A Million Dollar Idea…

Got A Great Idea For A Product Or Service, But Don’t Know What To Call It?

Are Your Current Program + Service Names So Bland They Bore You?

STOP Waiting Until You Find The Right Name In Order To Share Your Gift With Peeps Who Need It.

Go From Procrastination To Confidently Launching With A Sexy Name To Match….

Get Life Back On Track.

 You’ve got a message to share – a VERY important one.

The message itself isn’t the problem here though.

You want the package to be just as beautiful as the illumination you’re going to deliver to your tribe.

You’re not sure what to name your program or service for maximum impact.

You lie awake some nights wracking your brain, willing a name to come to mind.

Your life’s work is calling and you’re just fart-assing around trying to work this out.

Words have the power to inspire and evoke emotions – just look at any of the well known products you frequently buy.

Any great Marketer knows a name can more or break even an ingenious product.

The right packaging includes the label you want to be remembered by.

It is after all a reflection of YOU, so it has to be a slam-dunk -first time.

I’m telling you this not to stress you further – but to stress upon you the importance of creating a fun & enticing name that tantalizes your peeps.

Successful launches require two things – a great product (program or service) AND an intriguing title to capture their attention.


Introducing…. The Answer To Your Naming Nightmare. You’re Welcome.


Super Sexy Naming Adventure :: Create Bomb Names For Your Product, Service + TagLines


In Just Four Easy Steps.

Step 1
Once you’ve paid for your session you’ll receive The Pre-Session Creative Jam to get the juices flowing.

Step 2
Book your session time & return completed questions at least 24 (ideally 48) hours before we meet.

Step 3
Once it’s in my hands, I start crafting some ideas before our sesh.

Step 4
We get on a live call and bust-a-move together for 30-60 minutes until we birth the coolest names that float your boat.

Create Names For…

  • Coaching packages
  • e-books
  • e-courses
  • Taglines
  • Blogs
  • Programs
That’s What THEY Said…

More Super Happy Peeps 
Vanessa Baron
“During my Naming Session with Monique, I was completely blown away by her creative and unique talents!
My product/program names were beyond boring and she completely transformed them into something sexy, enticing and would truly resonate with my ideal clients.
She even created tag-lines for each name, which I wasn’t expecting, but was thrilled to have done.
The whole process was very fast, yet thorough and she wouldn’t move on to something else unless I was 100% happy.
I would highly recommend Monique to anyone who needs a creative spark in their business. “

Denise Da Costa 196x196Denise Da Costa
Success coach

” I booked my session with Monique because I was struggling to find a catchy name for both my programs that were a truly reflection of my personality and what the programs are about.

In short time Monique created a list of brilliants names and, she helped me find the names that capture the essence of my 2 programs as well as my private Facebook group.
I liked her enthusiasm and dedication. She took the time to get to know me and what my business is all about, so we could create names that I love and that are aligned with my brand.
Thanks to her help, creativity and feedback I now have named my programs, yei!
Monique is the naming alchemist. I would recommend her session to any heart-centred entrepreneurs looking to capture the soul of their business in a name.”

“Monique has been a true gift to me and my business. I felt like I was hitting my head against a brick wall trying to come up with just the right names for my book and program.
From the first contact I had with Monique I was impressed by her professionalism and the effort she made to understand what it was I was trying to communicate in the names I needed.
Within half an hour we had both products named with titles that really reflected the content so beautifully, amazing!
I was also truly grateful for Monique being so honest and letting me know what was already working in my ideas and then refining them with me to take them to a whole new level.
You’ve just removed what was an enormous frustration and stumbling block for me Monique and now I feel free to put my attention back into getting it completed. Thank you!.”

Sarah Boencamp 196x196Sarah J. Bohnenkamp Millenial Leadership Coach
“Working with Monique was a breeze and I’m THRILLED with the end result. She was great at digging deep with great questions that helped her to quickly understand my business, my intentions, my style and what really makes my offer unique.
I loved how she provided several creative options for me to consider and then we worked together to come up with a final product that NAILED the feel and overall messaging I needed.
Most importantly, she pushed me to stay true to my core audience and what resonated with my heart. The process was supportive, fast and FUN! I highly recommend her to help you dream up what YOUR amazing program brand will be! “

Sylvia Chierchia 196x196Sylvia Chierchia
Financial Coach
“Monique, our session today was awesome. In just half an hour, my upcoming course has a name and a tagline.
I could have gone round and round for ages with you, but you just nailed it!
You were brilliant. Thank you so much!”

Natalie Tolhopf 196x196Natalie Tolhopf
Catapault Your Career

“I was that chick at my desk surfing FB because I couldn’t work out a cool as name for my new programme.
The creative juices all dried up, and I started pulling out boring names, but worst names that didn’t even make sense! (Imagine trumpets playing!)
Enter stage left… A Master Name Creator Extraordinaire by the name of Monique walked in.
Yes! Within 10 minutes Monique had my name, program AND tagline… A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!
This is one cool chick. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again. She is frank, direct and a breeze to work with.

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Not Offering Your Gift To The World Means That You’re Not Maximising Your Full Earning Potential.
Why Experience A Super Sexy Naming Adventure With Me?

LE_GlassStraw-128 1680x1284

I’ve always got so many ideas buzzing around in my head, and not enough time to implement them all.

Being a visionary can be a hindrance when I need to be implementing, and yet I’m so immersed in creating.

I seriously get off on the creative process of naming products – quite simple really.

One fine sunny day I had a light bulb moment, and asked myself why I COULDN’T actually do this to help other women who are struggling with something that I truly enjoy doing.

On that sparkly day, I decided to offer a handful of sessions to see how far I could flex my creative muscles, with complete strangers.

Not ONLY did I LOVE the experience, but peeps be LOVING the results.

I’m on a mission to put out the fire for all those stuck in a naming crisis.

And so the Naming Revolution began:

Super Sexy Naming Adventure :: Create Bomb Names For Your Product, Service + Tag Line.

What Is This?

Together we’re going to turn your naming nightmare into an adventure.

In less than 60 minutes you’re going to have a name that reflects your business AND personality.

A name that’s not boring as bat shit

Let me repeat:

Clear but not boring.

Descriptive but intriguing

That’s what I want for you.

Who Am I?

Me in yello cropped for FB BB

I’m a Soulful Business Coach + LifeStylist who believes that swagger + spirituality go hand-in-hand.

A Straight talking Virgo Chick delivering heartfelt ‘home truths’ served with love + warrior spirit. You’ll find me floating between spiritual woo woo, i.e. Hippie Chick and kick-ass Biz Strategy, i.e. Sik Bitch.

I’ve created two successful product lines in completely different industries. My second product went from idea to cash sales in 3 week.

My deepest intention is to show women in business how to hustle with heart + soul using their God given gifts to serve the world.

As a Zen Hustler, I mix intuition + life purpose with kick-ass business strategy to ensure we create a name that sizzles.

It’s Time To Get Your Million Dollar Idea Out There Now.

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