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Cinnamon Lime Green Juice

This is one of my favourite green juice variations brought to you by (picture courtesy of Casey Lorraine) Ingredients: 2 cucumbers 1 head cos/romaine lettuce 6 stalks silverbeet 1 small knob of ginger 2 limes Handful of parsley Squirt of liquid stevia Sprinkle of cinnamon (or use a half teaspoon or more like me!) […]

The Big Balance Myth

Once upon a time a reporter wrote a story about a very organised woman who worked, managed her home and family, and was able to enjoy a fun weekend at the end of every week. The story made the cover of the big news dailies and was a featured story on the current affairs shows […]

Spicy Icy Virgin Mojito Juice

I absolutely adore green juice, and what I LOVE about my health coach Casey is the way she can turn an alcoholic drink into a yummy tasting, nutrient filled drink instead. Top this off with a Glass Drinking Straw and you’re rocking it! Enjoy! Ingredients: 3 limes 3 large cucumbers 1 large head cos/romaine lettuce […]

The Four Seasons Of Life

  So you fought your fears, cleaned up bad habits & said goodbye to the ‘old’ you. Why then do you still feel that life isn’t as ‘perfect’ as you thought it would be? As the old saying goes, “happiness is a journey not THE destination” so too is the ebb + flow of life. […]

When The INNER Light Switches ON!

A funny thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I attended a Sales & Marketing seminar with two of the greatest marketing minds; Leela Cosgrove & Thor Saleswarlord . What’s so funny about that you may ask? Well, I went in there ‘just’ selling Bodysuits and came out crystal clear on my greater mission. […]

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