The Four Seasons Of Life


So you fought your fears, cleaned up bad habits & said goodbye to the ‘old’ you.

Why then do you still feel that life isn’t as ‘perfect’ as you thought it would be?

As the old saying goes, “happiness is a journey not THE destination” so too is the ebb + flow of life.

This got me thinking about how I can emotionally relate to all four seasons, and how our emotional + spiritual growth, are more similar to seasonal changes than we think.

Release + Renew

At times the layers of ‘stuff’ that have quietly been suffocating, suddenly become loud and make me realize it’s time to let go of those issues – much like the leaves falling off a tree. It’s quite liberating when those layers start to peel off, especially when I didn’t even realize how much excess baggage I was actually carrying.

Remember when The Biggest Loser contestants are made to carry their own weight? This was used as a reminder not only of how far they have come – but also where they never want to go again. Imagine having to hold that emotional pain again?

I know it may seem scary, but don’t fight the process – if you resist it persists!

No season lets you see such an incredible transformation as autumn does. Trees change colours every day and eventually lose their crown. This all is necessary to make room for new leaves, new life. Our life is the same – sometimes we simply must get rid of one thing to make room for a new, better one. Everybody experiences these changes and knows that with death of the old comes new life.

What have you been afraid of facing?

Hibernate + Declutter

Here is where the real magic happens.

Once those layers are off, it’s quite disconcerting to not be able to hide behind the excuses that are shed in the ‘Autumn’ phase.

I have even felt disconnected, depressed and alone because I am desperately seeking warmth for my soul.

These times allow me to go within, and stop seeking outside comfort, because the only warmth that can be found is the internal heating of the ‘soul’ kind.

When we turn the energy of fear and anxiety into massive action, we are more likely to feel gratitude for the stillness. Just like Winter though, eventually the cold nights end and the sun comes out in the morning.

Allow yourself the space + time for breaking down to breakthrough.

Are you ready to breakthrough?

Emerge + Rejuvenate

You know those times where you feel that tingle of hope + excitement + a little spring in your step, which usually precedes a new beginning?

Like a butterfly emerging, it’s the hope that helps everyone live through the winter.

New seeds of desire + action plans are laid down. Flowers bloom + new life is born. This is the season of exciting and new things that bring energy and vitality.

Will you continue to water those seeds of faith that you have planted during those dreary times?

Blossom + Shine

Think about those gloriously warm Summer days, remember how effortless, carefree + fun! These are the times in your life when you feel like all the hard work you have invested in being kind to yourself is paying off.

These are the times in your life when you feel like all the hard work you have invested in being kind to yourself is paying off. You’re optimistic, can easily find the humour in life and believe that you are destined for greatness. You feel invincible and that you have found your true calling, and you’re in a peaceful place. You get all the green lights, parking spots and discount bargains. Life is sparkling!

How can you maintain that flow?

What’s your favourite Season? Mine is Spring (could have something to do with being the season of my birth) 🙂

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Monique Alamedine is a Zen Hustle Mentor to Lady Hustlers who want more SoulFire in Business + Life.
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Ain’t no sugar-coated fluff coming out of this Mumma’s mouth – expect straight from the heart home truths delivered with a big serving of love.



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