The Big Balance Myth

Once upon a time a reporter wrote a story about a very organised woman who worked, managed her home and family, and was able to enjoy a fun weekend at the end of every week. The story made the cover of the big news dailies and was a featured story on the current affairs shows for some time.

Sadly he (of course it must have been a man) neglected to report on the different sources of support she was able to call on to help her through each week. He didn’t talk about the cleaner or the gardener, or about the nannies and personal drivers. He didn’t talk about the tiny worry lines across her forehead that grew each day as she worried about her children while she was struggling along at work.

And the reporter lived happily ever after while the organised woman struggled on.

And so, the Big Balance Myth was born.

When we talk about work-life balance we do it in hushed, respectful voices as though it was something huge and sacred. It’s almost too big to be achieved and sadly that’s because we have allowed ourselves to be persuaded that balance is about having both sides finished perfectly.

Balance isn’t about perfection. It’s about looking after yourself while doing what you can.

There. I said it.

Looking after yourself while doing what you can.


There are too many women who tell me that I’ve got that back to front but seriously, think about it. If you don’t look after yourself how will you ever get everything done? If you don’t look after yourself how will you ever find a balance between work and play? You’ll be too tired to play!

If I was to report a story on the very organised woman I would tell people how worried she felt and how she felt like a failure despite all the help and support she had. I would expose the myth for what it is – pure fantasy.

  • You can have balance but it will never involve perfection because we live in the real world, not a fairy tale.
  • The house might have toys on the floor but it’s balanced by the smiles on your children’s faces.
  • The report might not be word perfect but it’s balanced by the fact that you met the deadline and didn’t have to work late.
  • You might not present your husband with a home cooked meal every night but that’s balanced by the time you are able to share with him instead of the oven.

If we strive for perfect imperfection we would be a lot closer to living a balanced life. And that’s no myth.

How balanced is your lifestyle?

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Monique Alamedine is a Writer + Intuitive Biz Coach + Life Strategist who believes that ‘success’ means being calm, centred & crazy ambitious – all at the same time.

She calls this being a Zen Hustler – and is on a mission to help you become one too.

She helps women in retail & service business make money doing what they love while ‘keeping it real’. Ain’t no sugar-coated fluff coming out of this Mumma’s mouth – expect straight from the heart home truths delivered with a big serving of love.

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