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Manifesting Badass Business

I’ve started reading a great book by Jen Sincero called You Are A Badass At Making Money. I guess it’s a badass guide to manifesting.

I’m still working through the first chapter and have had so many aha moments (if you’re following me on Instagram and Facebook you’ll see I’ve been posting some quotes from the book)

[Random Fact: (listening to Eminem I’m a Soldier as I write this) Don’t ever in your life try and knock the truest, I spit the illest shit out ever been dropped.]

So as I was saying……

Jen basically talks through the different ways we may have lack mentality about things we so easily usually overlook.

I experienced my own self-sabotage kick in over the weekend. I’ve been uplevelling so much these past few weeks, and over the weekend took a step back in the most unlikely way.

I attended my Niece’s wedding on Saturday, and being a big fat Lebanese wedding, my usual routine was a little out of whack.

Part of uplevelling for me was looking after my health. Cutting out dairy, gluten and especially softdrink again was a biggie for me.

The wedding was a legit pass card for ‘treating’ myself right?

Well I went the whole hog, didn’t I!
Soft drink. Yoghurt, creamy food, fast food the next day, crappy breakfast the day after.

Which has resulted in manifesting painful reflux for the last couple of days, a condition I’ve never had in my life.

So the last couple of days I clearly haven’t been operating at my best.

Now I believe that everything that manifests in your body is a result of something going on more deeply engrained that you’re not likely aware of.

In the book Secret Language Of Your Body : The Essential Guide To Health & Wellness by Inna Segal – she says that Reflux is caused by the following:

“Difficulty digesting life. Feeling uncomfortable with what you are seeing, feeling, hearing and experiencing. Feeling irritated and frustrated about your inability to control what is happening around you. Guilt about the past. Feeling helpless about choices which were made in the past. Trying to resist life rather than learn from your experiences.”

Now if I’m being honest with myself I can relate to pretty much everything written above.

I’m majorly uplevelling in so many areas of my life, and as always happens when you no longer settle for the mediocre way, fear always creeps in and tries to push me back down into my safe box.

Here’s the thing, I no longer want the safety of that box, but moving out of it still poses threats to my ego who just loves to control everything.

Manifesting is not some airy-fairy word with no substance. What shows up as ailments, can explain the deeper, underlying story.

Have a think about what’s going on for you physically right now.

What’s REALLY going on for you?

Write it all down.

Do a Google search for metaphysical reasons for what you’re experiencing, or send me an email ( and I’ll respond back with what could be the underlying reason for your ailment.

I truly believe that knowledge is power, because when you know better you do better.

When I know and understand beyond the surface issue, I feel empowered to heal from the root cause, rather than just superficial hooha.

Once you know what’s at the core level, journal it all out.
Write down what comes up for you after gleaning these insights.

  • What are you fears?
  • What can you do to move forward?
  • What can you be aware of moving forward?
  • What are your trigger points?
  • How will you know you’re going back to old habits?

Create positive I AM power statements to help you move through the underlying fears holding you back from growing your badass business.

I find EFT super powerful as well. There are heaps of videos online, just type in [problem] EFT. So for example after journaling you might realize that you’re scared of losing friendships by making money – you might search for [fear of making money EFT Video].

I’d love to hear your realizations, and don’t forget you can send me your issue and I’ll let you know what’s at the root cause.

If you need help with running your business from the inside out, I’m offering a free Hustle + Flow Assessment to get to the core of where the physical, mental and spiritual leaks are in your business.


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