How To Spend Less Time Freaking Out And More Time Getting Shit Done

You’ve got big goals girlfriend.

Luscious, juicy PHAT goals that excite and freak you out at the same time.

I want you to stop right now, take a deep breath and think about why you need/want to do this. Is it because you want to, or is it the ‘right’ logical thing to do? Once you decide that it’s definitely something that will move you forward, here is what I suggest you do.

1. Suck It Up Princess

One of my favourite mantras when I’m getting too caught up in the problem, rather than solution. In fact that was my mantra for 2011 and I sure got shit done that year lol It was the year of my sparkly re-birth (that’s another blog post)

Seriously though, it’s about less thinking and just doing. You’ve heard of the saying paralysis by analysis, which means that you’re creating a bottomless pit of perfectionism which only creates more second guessing if what you’re writing/doing/thinking is correct before you ACTUALLY take action.

Think of this way, the more the ‘think’ the less you’re ‘doing’ which is going to bring even less of anything that’s even close to creating the business you actually want to create.

2. Why Do You Want To Do This Particular Thing?

Ask yourself how  this fits into the big picture of your biz-life. Is it a stepping stone to creating your master piece, or is it a distraction disguised as the only way to move forward. All too often BSO’s come to us disguised as the next essential step, but they’re merely a diversion because of the fear of listening to intuition, and actually following your bliss.

Get clear on your intention for doing this thing. If it resonates for you, run with it gorgeous and if it doesn’t then run far far away from it.

3. Break It Down To Breakthrough It

For long term goals like releasing your new program, building your list or any other ‘long term’ goal, then you need to chunk it down.

What’s the end result?

Work it back from there.

What’s one step you can do right now that’s going to take you forward and move you closer to the end goal.

Let’s use the example of building your list.

To do this, you need to sweeten the deal for your subscribers to want to hear from you. In order to do this, they want to know that you have something valuable for them to hear.
What do you think your peeps need to hear right now that you could whip up into a report, ebook or video?

Once again, it doesn’t have to take you hours on end, or look like a glossy magazine. Intention is the secret ingredient here, so think about why you’re creating this particular piece ie you want to get your message out to more people. Bless it with love (my fave) and then follow it with the practical steps which would look something like this:

  1. Write/film/record your giveaway
  2. Edit/beautify your little gem
  3. Create a landing page for peeps to sign up to.

And voila, you’ve set the wheels in motion – the momentum has begun

4. Just Freaking Do It

Hustle. Hustle. Hustle

Need I say anymore?

What do you need to Just Get Done? Share it below

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P.S – Girl, you’ve so got this!


Monique Alamedine is a Writer + Intuitive Biz Coach + Life Strategist who believes that ‘success’ means being calm, centred & crazy ambitious – all at the same time.

She calls this being a Zen Hustler – and is on a mission to help you become one too.

She helps women in retail & service business make money doing what they love while ‘keeping it real’. Ain’t no sugar-coated fluff coming out of this Mumma’s mouth – expect straight from the heart home truths delivered with a big serving of love.

As a Zen Hustler, she mixes intuitive readings with kick-ass business strategy. Email



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