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It’s Monday morning, and you’re a Boss Lady full of hope and excitement for the week………..

You’ve got everything mapped out. Wrote out your to do list. Scheduled time in your calendar.

Got your Coffee, Tea or Juice in hand. And then…. Nothing.

The wind gets knocked out of your Sails and you just don’t feel like finishing what you started.

You feel de-motivated and suddenly have an urge to clean out your fridge or sit outside in nature.

Looking at your to-do list is the last thing you want to do right now. You just want to spend time with your loved ones.

Or perhaps even watch some mindless TV. Anything other than Working. Through. THAT. List. So then you start beating yourself up.

I ‘should’ just do it. Why can everybody else do it and not me? Why does it feel so hard?

When am I going to ever see ANYTHING through? And you keep pounding away until you your life purpose work feels like a chore.

I was once there too. I couldn’t trust myself enough to plan for the future because I didn’t know how I was going to ‘feel’.

I had such a lack mentality about creativity, thinking that whatever I was working on was going to be the last ‘great’ piece I ever wrote because of inconsistent creative flow.

I’d micro plan everything and end up DOING nothing.

I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on personal and professional development.

I’m a Master Practitioner of NLP, Certified Crystal Healer, Certified Angel Intuitive, Certified Life Coach etc etc and I couldn’t even get my shit together.

Until I discovered the most simple and powerful process + rituals I’ve ever come across.

The Circle is awesome because we use the moon cycles to prompt business planning and execution. We also learn how to work with the external energy flow of cosmos, but also your personal energy and learning how to flow with that.

Teresa Priddle Veterinary

You’re a woman in business hearing the call to go deeper than ever before….. Time to stop and face the music. Stop hiding behind this facade of perfection you’ve built. You even started believing your own hype…. Oops, drank your own coolade girl.

It may be a whisper right now, or perhaps it’s a nudge.

Either way you know it’s time to do things differently, but you’re just not sure how.

You’re spiritual, but you’re also a bit of a badass – I get that.

You know it’s time to do things your way, but fear of losing control is taking over.

You’ve worked so hard to get to this point, and even though you may or may not see the fruits of your labour, it still feels as though there has to be a better way.

A way to get more in tune with spirit, without losing your edge.
A way to have more and be more without necessarily ‘doing’ more.
A way to grow your business, that feels intuitive and instinctive.

It’s time to throw away the hustle and grind, and introduce hustle in flow.

Working with Ancient Wisdom isn’t just about stillness, it’s about inspired action.

I’m talking Soul-Fired action honey.

The kind of action you take when you are aligned in mind, body, spirit and business.

When you trust that you know enough, and go with it. It’s time to create a soul-fired business using the lunar cycle as a shining light.

Isn’t it time you tapped into nature’s solutions?

Biz Strategy

Take action from the inside out using Sou-Fired strategies.

12 Flavours

Different Archetypal vibes and focus every month.

Chakra Biz

Each energy centre directly affects your empire building ability.


Each planet rules business too. Use Retrogrades + transit energy.

8 Phases

Simple and powerful practice.

What Does This Mean For Your Business?

If you follow the lunar journey, use nature’s cycle combined with ancient wisdom and badass strategy, you get amplified results.

So for example, September is a great time to organise and systems, while April is great for bold new beginnings.

Knowledge is empowering. It’s important to understand what’s going on outside of what you can ‘see’.

This is not some airy-fairy woo-woo stuff. We’ll be using the most predictable and consistent goal-setting and planning system you’ll ever find, as the rock solid foundation.

Monique taught me how to strike the balance between creative work and play so exquisitely. Working with her I learned how to hustle like mad to get my work and writing done but also when to slow down and take stock. She gave me tools to break my tasks up into manageable chunks so the to-do list wasn’t so daunting.

Elizabeth Santos Naturopath / Coach / Writer

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How Do I Know This Stuff?

After struggling with an existential crisis of where do I fit in the online world, I made the choice to OWN my duality and officially started my journey as a Zen Hustler.

I got tired of trying to fit in to ONE category, when I’m multi-passionate, multi-dimensional and multi-faceted.

The next stage of my High Frequency rebirth, was getting the nudge to work with La Luna in 2014. Still feeling tired, lost, scattered and inconsistent,

I wasn’t really sure what this was all about. All I knew was that suddenly a program came up that touched on moon cycles, and even though I wasn’t in the market for another program this just spoke directly to me.

In hindsight, I can see that it was the gateway for this love affair to begin. I started researching everything I could about aligning myself with this beauty, and taught myself everything I could possibly learn.

To fill in the missing pieces I reached out to a couple of awesome women who filled in the gaps.

My thirst still wasn’t quenched because there was nobody giving me what I needed – how could I use this for business?

So I started trialling it, and refining my own process, to develop a simple beautiful practice that allowed me to align La Luna and Business.

Now in the spirit of transparency, I’m not an Astrologer or planetary expert.

I’m an everyday person like you who just discovered a hidden treasure that must be shared. I’ll always explain it in the simplest of terms, that’s practicable and simple to apply.

I want to show you how to hustle + flow to make shit happen.

The word Hustle has such a bad rap. Imagine…. Feeling like you no longer need to push to hustle.

Knowing… When to take action and when to pull back.

When to kick your butt, and when to allow yourself to rest.

I want to show you how to hustle + flow to make shiFts happen.

Zen Hustle Membership Circle Is Here!

We’re going to create your intentions using the lunar energy every month.

I’ll be there every step of the way, interactive and in live in a private FB group.

I’m going to give you what I longed for..

I’ve found Monique’s Lunar Success System to be an easy yet powerful system that keeps me on track with my business goals. Monique talks about hustle and flow which makes a lot of sense to me in this fast-paced digital world where everyone seems to be talking constantly about taking action. What I love most about Monique’s system is that it allows to you tap in to the natural energy of the moon to really leverage those peak hustle times and get things done but also to allow yourself the space to reflect, receive and celebrate what you’ve achieved in the month. It’s a lot of fun creating different rituals at various stages of the lunar cycle and I’ve really enjoyed applying this system in my business and in my life.

Melinda Dunlop Social Media + Content Manager

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Who Am I?

Me Autumn Tree

I’m a Zen Hustle Business Mentor who believes that ‘success’ means being centred & crazy ambitious – all at the same time.

I got tired of following what my Mentors told me was the right thing, and decided to blaze my own trail after years of not finding somewhere to fit in.

I’m feminine but fierce.
Loving but tough.
Big hearted but firm.
Spiritual but Badass.
Introvert AND Extrovert (Ambivert)
Traditional and modern
A thinker and Feeler
Simple and complex

Clearly a walking contradiction which I tried to fight for many years.
Not anymore, and neither should you.

I believe that love is the answer to EVERYTHING.
Throw some love into anything, and watch the magic happen.

I’m a Straight talking Virgo Chick delivering heartfelt ‘home truths’ served with love + warrior spirit.
You’ll find me floating between spiritual woo woo, i.e. Hippie Chick and kick-ass Biz Strategy, i.e. Sik Bitch. Using a blend of Ancient Wisdom, Strategy, Spirituality + Badassery,
I show women the art of blending hustle AND flow to make business building fun. When not writing or coaching, you’ll most likely find me drinking herbal tea through one of my Glass Straws, hoola hoop & dreaming of ways to inject more sparkle & love as I hustle about my day.

Cosmic Monthly Business

Every Month You’ll:
  • Set your intentions for the month based on the new and full moon energy.
  • Receive a monthly a monthly Business training in alignment withe energy of lunar cycle.
  • Each month’s focus is based on the cosmic energy, which means you get 360° attention to every part of your business.
  • Take High Frequency empire building action that’s aligned in flow.
  • Learn how to harness the cosmic energy in your business, to amplify results.
  • Get 2-3 Lives, for training or Q&A.
  • PLUS: A private Exclusive FB group to encourage and support you along your Lunar journey.
I absolutely love following Monique’s moons guidance each month. It really helps keep me in flow and mindful of what to do and when. It really is a beautiful way to live. If you’re interested in the moon and being a badass – Monique and her Circle is the way to go to have an amazeballs life.

Julia van der Sluys Angel Reader / Psychic

How Does This Work?

  • On or around the New moon (or closest weekday) we’ll get on a live call together.
  • I’ll talk you through where you need to focus your energy on for the month, and the things you need to look out for.
  • We can work through your intentions and goals for the month together as a group.
  • On or around First Quarter we get on live for practical strategic training.
  • On or around the Full moon I’ll give you an update on what to focus on during this powerful 3 day window.
  • You get to ask me all things Business, Mindset, Systems or Spirit during Live calls.
  • Yes we are working around the lunar cycle, and yes we’ll be using nature’s cycle and Ancient Wisdom, but it’s also about business so this is a super affordable way to work with me.

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