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Hey there Lady,


Untitled design (85) Do you feel like you’re on the brink of success, but never quite there?

Untitled design (85) Are you sick of ‘pushing’ to make shit happen?

Untitled design (85) Are you ready to just be yourself and get paid for it?

Untitled design (85) Do you feel like a spiritual badass who doesn’t quite fit into either side of the woo-woo/badass spectrum?

If you’re a creative and ambitious woman, who REALLY wants to create an epic lifestyle + a tangible legacy, but you’re struggling to make it happen, there’s something you need to know:

You’re not alone!

Swing. Sensual Woman in Black Fluttering Dress with ButterfliesAnd it’s not your fault.

The fact is, you’ve been fed misinformation about what it takes to create a soul-fired biz + life.

“You have to work REALLY hard” The Hustlers said.

“You MUST be qualified” They Haters said.

“You need to just ‘dream believe achieve’” They Spiritual Gurus said.

But none of that’s actually true, right?

This is where most people get it wrong – success requires ALL of the above.

Whether you’re listening to naysayers or your own excuses about all the reason why you just ‘can’t’ create a fabulous Business, meanwhile somebody is actually creating YOUR Million Dollar Idea. Are they smarter than you? Hell no. The only difference is that they have taken that first step.

Mentors and Gurus have a vested interest in keeping you in the dark about how it really works – they want to keep you coming back, year after year, throwing money at them.

But I’m about to show you the REAL secrets to…

Creating A Soul-Fired Business The Zen Hustle Way

She is writting some notes.There’s so much crap to cut through out there, that it can be overwhelming.

How do you figure out what works and what doesn’t work for you?

How do you sort through all of that NOISE so that you know you’re hearing the sound of your own voice above ANYONE else?

Here’s the thing …

Every Business is different.

But every Business is also the same.

What you need is a simple process to share your message, nurture your spirit + make some moolah.

But how do you create a business that’s a reflection of you AND actually make money just by being you?

That’s why I want to offer you a …

FREE Business On SoulFire Session

She is writting some notes.I want you to get on the phone with me and build a plan that works for YOU.

The call will take around 30 minutes.

I’ll get a quick snapshot of where you’re stuck and I’ll show you the simplest way to unblock it so that you can eventually work less hours and make more money. Most importantly, I’ll show you how to do that in a way that’s congruent with you – and that allows you to have FUN working with awesome people!

What’s the point of making a million dollars if you’re miserable, right?

So, who is this for?


Women who own a product or service based business and are yearning for something deeper than just making money. They want to create something that gets them soul-fired, but just as importantly get paid to do it.

Women who want to start a business and have no idea how or where to begin.

Women who want to learn my kickass strategies that allowed me to go from concept to making sales for my products in 3 weeks.

I love to work with women who want to change the world – and especially love working with women who aren’t quite sure how they’re going to change world, helping them to uncover all of their Million Dollar Ideas buried inside of them.

Entrepreneurial Women who have a burning desire within them to be one of the 10% – business owners who not only want to survive – but to flourish.


And who ISN’T it for?

Women not interested in creating a life or business they absolutely adore.

MLM Business

What Do I Do Now?

If you’ve read this far, there’s a pretty good chance that you think I can help you. And you’re right – I can! I’ve created 2 distinctly different product lines, which consists 30 + individual products, and went from concept to cash sales in 3 weeks with my last product.

I’ve gone from lost, confused, blocked and stifled to living my dream life on a daily basis.

I have personally experienced what it feels like to be able to see my big picture vision, and yet STILL struggled for years to pull the piece all the pieces together to infuse my spirit it into my business – that’s why I can streamline, simplify and save you time (and money).

So many women have a fantastic idea for a business, or have even started and are still unsure how to smash through their own self-imposed limitations to taste sweet success. As a Mentor + Coach, I see it every day: brilliant ideas not actioned because it all appears too difficult.

Once you enter your details, I will phone you and we can get cracking straight away – I mean why wait, somebody somewhere in the world is probably thinking what you’re thinking , except THEY WILL take action.

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FREE Business On SoulFire Session!