Business Energy Alchemy Mentoring


✨✨This is about hustle in flow Empire Building – NOT the hustle and grind, soul destroying push✨✨

Empire Building is about the energy you put out, and allow IN to your business. It’s about ACTIONS + THOUGHTS, which both need to be operating at a certain level of frequency which allows you to levitate to new levels in a grounded + centred way.

I’m SUPER excited to share with you the process, strategies and tools I use to build an empire with more FUN + FLOW.

Wherever your attention goes, energy flows.

Every word, you think or say.
Every action you think about or take.
Every emotion you feel or express.
Every intention you action or .
Every action you take or sit on.

Which means it’s SUPER important to choose with great care.

Freedom is a word that’s brandied about quite a lot these days. Even though it’s one of my highest values; the why behind everything, I was super resistant to using the word because it felt so broad and vague, until I realised it’s a container that gets filled with whatever YOU choose.


FREEDOM to build my Empire sitting under a tree.
FREEDOM to show up as myself and get paid for it.
FREEDOM to be there for school drop-off and pickup.
FREEDOM to talk about whatever the hell I want to talk about and get paid for it.
FREEDOM to work when I choose to work.
FREEDOM to travel wherever I choose with my family and still get paid.
FREEDOM to buy my Daughter the latest pair of Nikes or Adidas.
FREEDOM to sit in meditation all day if I need to.
FREEDOM to live and breathe my passion and purpose.

We each choose different vehicles to get to our bliss point. Freedom of mind body and spirit comes to me through business.

I show women how to build a FREEDOM Empire, and my mission is for you to tap into HIGH FREQUENCY Empire Building.

Light, Love AND High Voltage Empire Building.

It’s time to make business FUN AND FLOWING!

I show women how to build FREEDOM Empire, and my mission is for you to tap into HIGH FREQUENCY Empire Building.


  • Soul + Strategy
  • Intuition + Systems
  • Rituals + Processes
  • Heart + Logic
  • Spontaneity + Structure
  • Hustle + Flow
  • Work + Woo 

I’m calling Badass Lightworkers, Freedom Lovers, Rebel + Sacred Revolutionists.

As an Energy Queen, I’m here to support, guide, motivate, encourage and transform.

My daily JOB is to ensure freedom feels alive, meaningful AND sexy, so you can create an empire around your values and intuition.

This is a practical and hands on Mentoring to running a conscious business, that’s aligned and alive for YOU!

Have questions about this Mentoring? Please check the following FAQ or feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

How long is this journey?

A 6 month commitment is required in order transformational journey to be fruitful and sustainable. We work through 6 Lunar cycles together as it takes this time to work on a deeper level from the inside out.

How much time is involved?

We meet 3 x a month for the first 3 months and then 2 x for the rest. There will be daily practices and focus work in between. You also get unlimited Messenger access to me.

What am I going to learn?

I’m going to share everything I’ve learned that took me from low-vibe-nothing-good-happening state to empire building with more ease and flow.

Is there any other way to work with you?

I also offer one off Energy Alchemy Session where I’ll share your High Frequency Formula.

What’s the process to sign up?

Click on the link below, to message me for more info.

How can I learn more about you?

Create a conscious business that’s a reflection of YOU! It’s time to stop settling for the mediocre grind and claim what you desire. Your Business is merely the vessel you’re using to allow your passion and purpose to evolve through.


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