Would You Like To Create A Business You LOVE, Without Sacrificing, Settling Or Sucking In Other Areas Of Your Life?

Do You Feel Like You're Meant For More, But Not Quite Sure How To Get There?

Yin + Yang Elements Are Essential For Your Business To Work. I call it The Art Of Hustle + Flow.

Let me tell you a little soul truth Sista......

You're heart-centred and ambitious.  

You live in woo-woo world and La-La Luxe Land.  

Chakra balancing is just as important as a killer sales strategy.  

The conundrum is how to use them both in the business world.  

You may even identify as a Spiritual Badass.  

You've been in business for a couple of years now, and feel like you're still finding your way because you're unsure about how to bring soul into your business, and make it a spiritual experience.  

Finding your feet in the online space has been a struggle.  

You've bought so many courses that promise to be the answer to your prayers.  

You have a passion to serve, and in your heart know you're on the right track even though it doesn't appear to be that way.  

You've got dreams and ideas girl. This becomes overwhelming and you end up procrastinating and not applying anything.  

Creators gotta create.  

You're feeling stifled.  

Living in two different worlds is taking it's toll on you, and you're at a loss as to how you're going to make it all work so that your business benefits and YOU feel grounded and in flow.  

You've dabbled in a bit of everything, trying to find your way.  

Where do you belong?  

The woo-woo feminines are too flowery, and the badasses are too masculine. You sit somewhere in the middle where you can hustle like a mofo, but also need to to feel the divine feminine flow.  

You're tired of settling, and just getting by.  

Being a generous and thoughtful person, means that your needs are the last to be met.  

You're feeling the nudge, that it's your time to shine, and yet you just can't seem to work out how to get it all together.  

Enough of putting people first. You know you've had enough right?!  

Procrastination and overthinking have crippled you, and even though you crave connection and expansion, you're too caught up in your own thoughts.  

Systemizing and strategizing feels like you're losing the heart + soul of your business - the very reason why you started it!  

Creative flow + Business smarts is the sweet spot, that just keeps eluding you.

What if I told you that you can have it all?  

I LOVE the hustle + grind, but I'm really all about hustle + flow. 


Being a Heart-Centred Hustler who is:

  •  Grounded
  •  Centred
  •  Devotede
  •  Driven
  • Focused
  • Consistent
  • Soul-Fired

Living in light + love whilst enjoying a luxe life is that sweet spot.

  •  Starting your day feeling empowered. 
  •  Buying clothes or art that makes you feel glam
  • Builing an empire that nurtures soul.
  • Using gorgeous stationary to create & grow.

Luxe has a different meaning to each of us.

  •  Great Coffee
  •  Superfoods
  •  Sexy Sunglasses 
  •  Hiring a cleaner
  • Beautiful flowers
  • Watching a musical
  • Travelling
  • [insert your hearts desire]

What's This All About?

This Isn't About Creating A Designer Label Life. It's About Creating YOUR Luxe Life Through Your Business. 

I personally love K-Mart, but I also love high end fashion and makeup.

My idea of luxe differs from yours.

One Woman's trash, is another Woman's treasure.

What Does Light, Love + Luxe Have To Do With My Business?

Your business is a reflection and extension of YOU, which means that however you're feeling will directly impact your income. 

Staying light + love filled creates a Luxe Life.

There's always a driving force, a reason 'why' you started this business - let's tap back into THAT!

YOU + Your Business Are One.

How would it feel to be able to show up as yourself, and create a business around that?

Running a Business is the greatest personal development you will ever experience,

Negative self talk like what's wrong with me? 

Why don't I just get off my ass and do this? 

I'm lazy. I don't know what to do.  

All the answers are within, sometimes there's so much baggage that you can't hear the next step.. 

You Don't Need To Go It Alone.  

This is where I can step in to guide you along the ways.

Teach you from my mistakes, failures and sucesses.

Show you how to turn the pain into profit.

Who Am I?

The day came when the pain I was in, was far greater than the risk it took to be vulnerable and ask for help.

At what cost is something I always say....  

For me it came at a great cost.  

I'm a strong independent woman who knows what she wants and goes out and gets it until one day.... the sun stopped shining, I stopped feeling and retreated.

I wanted to just be alone.

So badly wanting to connect, yet relieved to be alone.

I'm great at being there for peeps, so if someone needs me, you can count on me even if I have nothing left for me.

But there's always a price to pay.  

The price I paid for stuffing away pain, being strong, 'appearing' to move forward was confusion, apathy and worst of all 'creative block'  

I've always been the fixer - the one who helped others, and yet I hated being helped.  

Surprisingly, I never looked at peeps that I helped as weak, but saw myself as weak if I broke down.  

My Little Princess is quite perceptive and as a 12 year old, was starting to see the pain I was hiding. She tells me that I'm too self-less, which she doesn't like seeing at all and that I need to start focusing on what makes me happy too. She's making me more aware of how I'm behaving because she's learning by what I do NOT what I say.  

This Angel is my EVERYTHING. My driving force. Without her I don't know where I'd be right now quite frankly.  

I've had days when I walked around in a daze - neither here nor there. Days when I didn't know how I was going to get through this blur called life. Days when I felt like the worst Mum in the world because I wasn't active and taking my Princess on adventures.  

Until one day I realized I needed to help myself, and set up finding peeps who never better to help guide me through.  

It took courage, determination and yes some strategy too.  

My creative business artistry is what keeps me going. Going into daily creative solitude, and embarking on a healing journey from the inside out.  

  • I fiercely journaled. EVERY SINGLE day.
  • Meditated.
  • Cleaned up my diet.
  • Undertook an intuition based business re-structure.  
  • Deepened my Moon Practice.
  • Cleared + balanced my Chakras.  

The darkness has allowed me to get even clearer on my message, what I'm here to do, and how I can serve my Soul Tribe.  

If you're going through a tough time, please know that it will pass but you need to love yourself through it.  

You're not alone and it's not your fault.

If you're reading this far, then maybe it's time to take the next step gorgeous.  

It's scary I know, but I'm here to hold your hand through the maze as you come out lighter and victorious.  

I stand before you now, stronger and grounded with clarity on how I can best serve you with more fierceness than ever before.  

Think of me as your truth teller, cheerleader, strategist and confidante (or consiglieri. I clearly love Mafia movies lol)

Light, Love + Luxe Business Mentorship.

Really, you can use Leaddigits any place to capture new leads for your business. Here are a few other ideas:

  • 11 week to an evolutionary badass business
  • Weekly 1:1
  • Direct access me for the duration.

Here's The Low Down

Session 1: Intention (Goals)  

We're going to:  

  • Dig deep and get clear on what your soul wants.
  • Look at where your root chakra is at.
  • Learn about New Moon Intention setting.  

Session 2: Creative Artistry (Message)  

We're going to:

  • Uncover your soul message.
  • Look at where your Sacral Chakra is at.
  • Learn about what actions to take at Waxing Crescent.  

Session 3: Soul Tribe (Ideal Client)  

We're going to:

  • Get clear on who you REALLY want to work with.
  • Look at where your Solar Plexus is at.
  • Create action plan for Waxing crescent.  

Session 4: Energy Management (Productivity)  

We're going to:

  • Create an energy management plan for maximum productivity.
  • Create a productive time management plan.
  • Create action plan for Waxing Gibbous. 


Session 5: Sacred Offerings (Programs/Courses)  

We're going to:

  • Map out your offerings.
  • Look at where your heart Chakra is at.
  • Create your own Full Moon releasing ceremony. 


Session 6: Content Clarity (Planning your content)  

We're going to:

  • Create the pathway for your Soul Tribe to find you.
  • Look at where your throat chakra is at.
  • Create an action plan for waning Gibbous.  

Session 7: Soul Tribe Pathways (Funnels)  

We're going to:

  • Create the journey for your Soul Tribe to find and learn with you.
  • Look at where your Third Eye Chakra is at.
  • Create actions to take on Last Quarter.  

Session 8: Connecting (Social Media)  

We're going to:

  • Brainstorm how your tribe will find you.
  • Look at where your Crown Chakra is at.
  • Creating a space for Balsamic moon phase


Session 9: Reflection + Moving Forward  

Together we'll create a succession plan to move forward, stay grounded and focused as you continue to build your empire on strong foundations.  

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Claim Your Calling Program $147

In this program you're going to learn how to turn your battlescars into Business success. 

Lunar Business Success System $99

Learn my complete Lunar Planning and Goal-Setting practise to amplify your results.

3 Months In The Lunar Business Success Circle $54

This is where you get my Lunar Report and Playbook to show you how to best harness the cosmic energy every month.

Who Is This For?

Women Entrepreneurs ready to:

  • Do what it takes.
  • Take massive action.
  • Follow their heart.
  • Trust their intuition.

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Hustle Is NOT A Dirty Word.

Hustle has become a dirty word, and it's SOO NOT!

Hustling is NOT about burnout. It's about allowing a solid structure of rituals + strategies in order to allow flow.

Hustling IN Flow, Is What It's All About.

If you're successful at your business, but feel it's at the cost of another part of your soul or if you just keep chasing your tail and can't seem to get traction then I'd love to talk to you. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How long do I need to commit to this?

11 Weeks

How will this be delivered?

We have 9 sessions together over 11 weeks. 

Here’s how it works … 

We have 9 x 1:1 sessons together, plus two implementation weeks, depending on when you start. 

How do I get started?

This is by application only, so all you need to do is click on the buttons to book in a time.

If you're unsure or would like to know more, book in a time and we'll work out if it's right for you.

What are the payment options?

You can choose to pay in one payment or weekly payments (Book in a call and we can work out what's best for you).

Can I cancel or refund my money?

This is non-refundable as I am investing my time & energy into mentoring you.

Are you going to give me the hard sell if I book in for a chat? 

Absolutely not. I've created this as a way of guaging if we're a good fit. I'll ONLY offer you a spot if I feel like we're vibing. If you're feeling it too awesome, if not I'll say goodbye with love + blessings.

What if have any questions?

Book in a session and you can ask away, or if you don't find any suitable times email Hustle@ZenHustler.com and I'll find a spot for you.

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