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Hey there Lady Hustler

Are you committed to growing a business that’s a reflection of you AND successful? 

Well stop wasting bloody time Sista….. 

You’ve created schedule after schedule.

Mapped and planned.

Tried to incorporate your creative flow with coloured pens and blank paper. 

Somehow it always ends the same way. 

Nothing sticks. 

That new time management tool you implemented 3 months ago is non-existent, and I know you don’t even want to remember the latest productivity app you bought and barely used. 

You’ve tried planning every single detail, free flowing and even working with a coach to understand your ebbs and flows, but nothing seems to stick. 

Another month is gone….wasted…..

You started off all gung-ho, passionate and excited that THIS time it would be different, because you’ve mapped it all out and planned it better than the last time.

Plus this time you’re going to keep it simple and take action EVERY day.

 You hear about all this cosmic stuff with the retrogrades, solar eclipses, flares etc and whilst you get it, you’re not quite sure how to not be so affected by it.

 But on the other hand the sceptic in you thinks it’s all hocus pocus mumbo jumbo

 Your business of course expands and constricts with where YOU’RE at mentally + energetically.

 What most peeps don’t realize is that time management is great, but energy management is the long-term winner.

A Little Lunar Lovin...

I’ve found Monique’s Lunar Success System to be an easy yet powerful system that keeps me on track with my business goals. Monique talks about hustle and flow which makes a lot of sense to me in this fast-paced digital world where everyone seems to be talking constantly about taking action.

What I love most about Monique’s system is that it allows to you tap in to the natural energy of the moon to really leverage those peak hustle times and get things done but also to allow yourself the space to reflect, receive and celebrate what you’ve achieved in the month.

It’s a lot of fun creating different rituals at various stages of the lunar cycle and I’ve really enjoyed applying this system in my business and in my life.

Melinda Dunlop – Social Media + Content Manager

What's The Difference?

One focuses on all things external, while the other goes within on a deeper level. Long lasting changes stick when you work from the inside out. 

 If knowledge is power, then understanding what’s happening cosmically is a MUST!

 All the tools in the world won’t fix it.

 Energy Management directly affects productivity levels, sales, building your business and connecting with your peeps.

 So you see it’s not so much what you can see, because it’s a feeling that comes from within.

 There are 3 types of energy – physical, emotional and spiritual.

 Physical is probably easiest to track. Everything that affects your body food, sleep, exercise etc

 Emotional is the way we respond and deal with everyday life.

 Spiritual is the most undervalued, and powerful of them all.

 Managing your energy is about more than just the physical aspect of exercise and nutrition, it also includes the unseen energy whirling around us.

 The success lies in connecting all 3 to work in harmony together.


If You’re Not Grinding, Then You’re Not Really Working, Right?

Whilst I’m a massive hustle advocate, it’s not about hustle n grind 24/7, it’s about understanding how to work in flow using the lunar cycle as a guiding light.

 As you walk through the practice you’ll start to find your own version of hustle + flow, because this isn’t a one-size-fits-all, but rather a personal journey.

 There needs to be a strong focus on all three in order to succeed with executing the actions required to achieve your goals.

Over 4 Weeks, VIP Support Gives You: - Weekly 1:1 sessions to stay aligned and on track to achieving your goals. - Messenger support. PAYMENT PLAN AVAILABLE 

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Start Hustling Like A Zen MOFO Using The Lunar Business Success System. Payment plan available.

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'What Does That Mean For My Business' You Might Ask?

As the driver of your empire, it means that if you’re having a bad day then your business suffers. If you’re serious about growing your business then you need to start managing all levels of your well being.


 Conscious mind

Unconscious mind

Physical body




When you’re constantly checking in with yourself and taking action, you’ll have more energy to hustle.

 It’s Time.

No more excuses. Your peeps need you, and all this fluffing around ain’t helping anyone.

 What’s Lunar Got To Do With It?

La Luna’s cycle is definitely NOT to be used as an excuse. Blaming your lack of action on the moon phase or planetary happening is just ridiculous.

I want to show a way to harness the power of the moon, and super charge your every bit of energy you put into your business. 

Whilst the Sun is the masculine or external action part of goal setting, the moon is our emotions and what’s going on at a deeper level. The two work hand in hand, so when you set yearly goals, you use the Calendar year to set the dollar figures, or statistical stuff and then the lunar cycle is used as check points through the year with a different energy every month.

I used to feel so scattered all the time – ok I still feel like a ditz at times, but that’s another story lol

I couldn’t understand why one day I would feel energized and the next day I wanted to retreat into myself and not speak to anybody.

I’d be on a roll, typing away, connecting with peeps and then boom – nothing. Like the last few days never happened.

I felt like I was constantly forcing myself to do merely switch on my computer some days, let alone feel productive. Since connecting with the lunar cycle I now understand how to best channel my energy. Now this doesn’t mean that it’s my ticket to bludge, moreso that I know what things to focus on depending on each phase.

It’s much like going to the gym, some days you work out harder than others. THIS is the framework this system will give you.

Now it may sound like all woo-woo hooha, but this freaking works and I’m living proof of that.

If I could go from flying by the seat of my pants go-go hustler, to being focused, devoted and driven more than I can ever recall.


How Did This All Begin?

I felt drawn to connecting with the moon, and started researching, and the more I looked into it the more obsessed I became and being an Entrepreneur, I needed to figure out how to make it work in my business.

So I started by setting my intention, at the start of the month and then trialling different things at each phase until I settled on what worked for me. It resonated AND got results.

I was able to make more money quicker than ever before.

My energy levels were balanced.

Even when I didn’t feel so good, I still felt like I could surrender in trust.


Goals With Feelings.

Using this system still involves the practical stuff, like writing shit down and taking massive action. This isn’t about manifesting your intentions by just ‘willing them to be’ while sipping cocktails on the beach.

It’s about feeling into your goals, getting clear on what is it you want and learning to harness the energy of each phase to stimulate the actions you choose to take.

 If You’re Looking For A Magic Bullet That’s Going To Fix All Your Problems Instantly Then This Is NOT For you.

Whilst it’s a super simple process, it’s imperative that you devote time, attention and energy in order for this to work. It can take as little as a few minutes up to 30 minutes.

I’m all about simple + practical steps.

Maximizing your output to increase productivity.

Leveraging your energy for greater success.

I see far too many women busy being busy, with no income producing tasks being completed. Their stuck on the hamster wheel of procrastination (ie overthinking) and/or planning (ie no real action)

It’s important to stay aligned with your intentions, in order to bring them to life. 

It’s Time To Stop Living In Comfortable Mediocre World And Amp Shit Up.


Are You Feeling Overwhelmed And Anxious About Your To-Do List That Keeps Growing?

Think about all the times you decided to try something new, and went all out with buying and setting up everything you need to use it properly. It just didn’t last because you haven’t gotten to the source of it all.

It’s not about Bright Shiny Object and there is nothing extra to spend that you don’t already have. It will however require you to be present and focused during each step.

Hustle + Flow Love...

Monique taught me how to strike the balance between creative work and play so exquisitely. Working with her I learned how to hustle like mad to get my work and writing done but also when to slow down and take stock. She gave me tools to break my tasks up into manageable chunks so the to-do list wasn’t so daunting. 

Elizabeth Santos – Naturopath, Coach, Writer

You Get: The Missing Piece Of The Productivity Puzzle

10 easy to digest and implement audio modules

Connect Heart, Mind, Spirit

Daily Lunar Checkin Template


A Clear + Simple System

Easy to implement and follow at any point of the month

Over 4 Weeks, VIP Suport Gives You: - 2 x 20 minute 1:1 sessions a week to stay aligned and on track to achieving your goals. - Messenger support. PAYMENT PLAN AVAILABLE 

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Start Hustling Like A Zen MOFO Using The Lunar Business Success System. Payment plan available.

More Love...

Working with Monique is like chatting with an old friend. The experience flows, as she is full of knowledge & understanding on how to make break throughs. 

Kylie Loy – Designer 

Take A Sneak Peak Inside

Over 4 Weeks, VIP Support Gives You: - Weekly 1:1 sessions to stay aligned and on track to achieving your goals. - Messenger support. PAYMENT PLAN AVAILABLE 

I'm Ready For VIP Support In Holistic Business Planning $660>>

Start Hustling Like A Zen MOFO Using The Lunar Business Success System. Payment plan available.

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What Do I Actually Walk Away With?

You’ll be able to:

  • Have a great understanding of your own rhythm and what works for you
  • Get more done without feeling stressed.
  • Grow your business with more grace + ease.
  • Learn the best times to hustle + flow.
  • Amplify your results by harnessing a power far greater than you.
  • Work with your own unique ebb + flow.
  • Understand how to stay in the zone
  • Learn the best time to pull an all nighter if you need to.
  • Understand when to start something.
  • Know the BEST and WORST time is to begin a new project.
  •  Feel supported and ready to compte the year.


If there's a question not covered here, please feel free to email 

Do I have To Wait until the New Moon to start?

It's more powerful when you begin on a new moon, however you can start the practice at any point in the cycle. 

Is there any support or Live calls?

There'll be live rounds throughout the year.  

VIP Option offers direct acess to me.  

VIP gives you: 1:1 sessions, plus messenger support so you can feel supported throughout the month.  

VIP price covers 1 month of personal Mentoring + Coaching. 

Do you offer refunds?

As this is my personal system which I put my heart and soul into, I don't offer refunds.

How much time does it take to complete the course?

I've intentionally created bit-sized audios varying between 1-5mins (depending on the phase we're in). It's important to allow yourself the space to be intentional to get results.

When can I expect results? 

Results vary with some peeps experiencing immediate results. However working with the lunar cycle can take up to 6 months to bring your intentions to fruition.

How much does it cost?

It's only $147 right now, and you get lifetime access as add updates.

The VIP option is $660.

Is there a bonus?

Yes! You get access to live round.

Think: Weekly live calls. Private FB support group.

When does the bonus live round start?

You'll receive notification beforehand.

Over 4 Weeks, VIP Support Gives You : - Weekly 1:1 sessions to stay aligned and on track to achieving your goals. - Messenger support. PAYMENT PLAN AVAILABLE 

Start Hustling Like A Zen MOFO Using The Lunar Business Success System. Payment plan available.

What Peeps Say About Working With Monique

"Working with Monique was a breeze, and I'm THRILLED with the end result. She was great at digging deep, with great questions that helped her to quickly understand my business, my intentions, my style and what really makes me unique."

Sarah J. Bohnenkamp - Millenial Leadership Coach

"This is one cool chick. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again. She is frank, direct and a breeze to work with."

Natalie Tolhopf - Catapault Your Career

"I would highly recommend Monique to anyone who needs a creative spark in their Business"

Vanessa Baron - It's Raining Kale

"Monique has been a gift to my business." I was truly grateful for being so honest and letting me know what was already working in my ideas, and then refining them with me to take them to whole new level.

Melissa Rolfe - Naturopath

Over 4 Weeks, VIP Support Gives You: - Weekly 1:1 sessions to stay aligned and on track to achieving your goals. - Messenger support. PAYMENT PLAN AVAILABLE 

Start Hustling Like A Zen MOFO Using The Lunar Business Success System. Payment plan available.

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