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end of year hustle

8 Days Of Action Taking To End 2015 With A Bang

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Where did the year go?!

One minute you were getting excited about your big dreams and plans for the year, the next it's November and you wonder what's happened.

There's still more you want to do.
There's still more you want to accomplish.
There's still more!!!

You're a work hard, get it done kind of woman.
You're all about that success life and don't settle for less. Ever. 
But somewhere throughout the year, for some reason (because there are lots of reasons), you just couldn't get done what you wanted to get done!

You’re a woman in business who is sick of pushing, and is feeling an inner calling for something deeper in your business. You’re here to make money, but you also want something more fulfilling.

You’re ballsy, but heart-driven, and soul-fuelled - I totally get that.

I understand what it’s like living in both feminine and masculine worlds.

You enjoy the hustle of taking action, but you also love being in the feminine flow, and the two seem to keep conflicting. I totes hear you.

I know there are things that you really wanted to accomplish this year that you haven't. It's eating you up inside because you KNOW that you can get it done.
The year isn't over yet!

It's only November. There is still time to get it done.

There's a book to write, a program to create, sales to make, a message to get out there, abs to form...

If only you had the motivation...
If only you had the time...
If only you had the headspace...

You could get it done.
Could you?

I mean, you've had almost a whole year to get it done.
Almost a whole year to get motivated, make time, clear your head.

You've spent the year working really hard already, you've been tired more times than you've felt energised. But after all that, you feel like you haven't done anything really. Because you don't have much to show for it.

You're an alligator with all them teeth and no toothbrush (re: The Waterboy)

You want to feel that ease, that flow, that magic you hear of others experiencing.
You want that, you really do.

Why haven't you done 'it'?

In my experience, when someone doesn't accomplish something they really want to do, it's usually because they never REALLY wanted it in the first place.

Because let's face it, when you REALLY want that "thing", you do whatever you can to get it - like a toddler that sees a cookie on the bench. She isn't tall enough to reach the cookie, but she WILL figure out how to get it, even if that means opening the drawers and climbing them to get up (or throwing a tantrum until her mother gives in and gets it for her. The point is she got the cookie.)

But I know you.

I know you're here, on this page, reading these words now because deep down, you do REALLY want it.

You want to finish that book (or start).
You want to create that program.
You want to get that website done.
You want to hit that sales target.
You want to get those rock hard abs.

And you CAN do it before we head to the final countdown of 2015.

You CAN do it, because you have to.
Because you'll be kicking yourself if you don't get it done.
Because there are people out there WAITING for you to do that thing.
They NEED it.
And you don't want to drag it on any longer - because that's when you start questioning yourself whether you have the ability to do it.

Side note: You have the ability to do ANYTHING.

When you understand how to HUSTLE while being in FLOW, a whole new world will open up for you. You will understand how to use the power of the Moon to guide you through each phase of your hustle. You will get clarity, and you'll be able to get things done!

2016 is rushing up on you, and it deserves a new lot of goals.
So let's smash your current To-Do list NOW, shall we?

What if you could get that thing DONE before December comes around?

You can you know.

It will require determination.

You'll need to hustle.

It WIll Require Will Power

You'll need to FOcus.

You'll need to go all out, balls to the wall.

antonio rillera

I'm Monique Alamedine, the Zen Hustler, and I help Women Entrepreneurs create a rocking Online Lifestyle Biz that makes money. I do that with a mix of tough love, intuition + Badassery.

My deepest intention is to share all my Zen Badassery, to keep your business real, raw and fun!

I’m a Straight talking Virgo Chick delivering heartfelt ‘home truths’ served with love + warrior spirit. You’ll find me floating between spiritual woo woo and kick-ass Biz Strategy, because … well, the last few years have proven to me that you need ‘em .

I believe that Green Juice + herbal tea + sparkles can fix almost anything – oh and hugging a tree is, well…… magical.
Prayer is my powerful secret weapon that turns the impossible into reality.

I believe in doing the work to get the results.
I believe in having it all, now.
I believe in heart, in soul, in peace.
I believe in taking action. Fast. 
I also believe that when you just can't do something because life happens, you don't give up. You get motivated to do it and you smash it out.
I also believe in being in flow.

There was a point in my life where I had to make some huge changes to how I hustled.
I would always go balls to the wall, and then I would get crickets.
I didn't trust myself enough to commit to anything because I didn't know what frame of mind I was going to be in.
I'd start out strong and finish off with not so much as a whimper.
I treated myself like crap for years, which resulted in crappy results.

Losing my sister-in-law was a catalyst for major change. One day I looked in the mirror and didn't like who I saw.

Who was this overweight, apathetic person and where was that glam, happy gal I once was?

I pulled back, got rid of anything that didn't serve me and got to the heart of my self-sabotage patterns.
All or nothing was no longer working for me and it was time for change.
I needed to discover the Yin to my Yang and through trial, error and a lot of tears, it clicked.

I discovered The Hustle + Flow Method using The Lunar Business Model.

ENd of Year Hustle

Over 8 days I'm going to motivate you. I'm going to cheer you on. I'm going to teach you the tools I learnt to accomplish goals quick.
Because I want you to succeed.
I want you to smash those goals you set for yourself earlier this year.
I want you to experience that relief and pride in your heart when you've done it.
Whatever 'it' is.
In 8 days we're going to do it.
You're going to write that book.
Create that program.
Make those sales.
Power through that To-Do list.
Get those abs. (OK, maybe not the abs in 8 days)

Are you in?


YES! I'm ready to pull my finger out do the work.

There will be no more excuses coming from me! I want to get this thing doooooone!



Yes! I'm ready to honour my purpose and do the work to get my message out into the world.

I have a message inside of me that needs to get out. And by hell or high water it's coming out!



YES! I want to feel in the zone every day for 8 days (and beyond)!

I want to be in the vortex! I want to be in flow and hustle what my mama gave me! (We're talking about your brain, heart and soul here lady)


Here's what we're going to do:
We're going to spend 8 full days in pure hustle mode from
Friday 11th - Friday 18th December.

You know when you go to the gym and you spend the last set of your workout pretending you're the hulk? Is that just me?

Anyway, it's 8 days of hulk smash and getting results. I promise you can rest after that.
It will be the silly season after all.

We'll go through motivation, planning, chunking down, reverse engineering, the Lunar phase, removing blocks, how to keep hustling after the program, stretching yourself, gaining momentum and loooots more!

Once you're done, you'll know exactly how to hustle like a Zen Hustler, which means that you hustle hard for a short period of time, and then rest. Sweet, sweet rest.

It also means that you literally can get amazing results on tap. Because when you know how to put the work in properly, it's as simple as repeating the process.

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